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Showcasing Team Player Talent through Mobile Challenges

Everyone has their own unique talent, whether it be playing an instrument, or busting out all the moves. The Social Scavenger app comes equipped with a Video capturing feature so players can direct their own video, complete with sound. Create challenges for players to showcase their skills and share with the world. A great way for a team to get closer by getting to know one another. This week we’re featuring all of our talented Social Scavengers, check ’em out here:

What happens with the User Generated Content?

We covered how you can utilize user generated content in another post. But the gist is, the more you share, the better! Share your talent with your friends through social media and receive direct feedback. Remember how Justin Bieber was discovered? He uploaded a video of himself singing and playing the guitar and the rest was history. We’re not saying you can be like the Beibs, but your talent will certainly be recognized. So get started in your own talent search challenge by connecting with us today!

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