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Team Building Pictures at the Office: Photo Reel of the Week

Reminisce the School Picture Days

Just like back in grade school, players get excited for team pictures; they dress up, put on some makeup, do their hair, and shower for once- the whole nine yards. These will be the winning faces that will be displayed on leader boards and during the end of the game recap. It will be proudly sitting on their desk, right next to their family picture and the framed picture of their lassie, Pringles. An achievement of each team’s pride and glory. So let your players make it a special one. Involve it as a Photo challenge of its own (one that can accomplish easy points), or incorporate your own Augmented Reality images into the camera.

Spunk it up and Make it Your Own

Create a unique cheer that will embody the spirit of your team. Are your players loud and proud? Snap a team pic that will reinvent the saying, “a picture can scream more than a thousand words.” You could even challenge the use of props or identifying team colours to make each photo distinctive. Group pictures can be posed, candid or theatrical. We’ve noticed that nowadays, even adults have a little cheerleading spark in them. Why not challenge your players to the extraordinary and complex human pyramid? A fun challenge that will ensue an even funnier end picture. You gotta admit, where else have you seen a mobile app that involves this much physical exercise to their gamification picture? That’s a win for your campaign, and a win for some healthy calisthenics.

Usable User Generated Photo Content

Now that everyone is all spiffed up, it would be such a waste not to put your team photos to good use. Check out our other blog post on what you can do with use generated content after your game is over. Export and save photo content so players can keep a physical print out, or maybe even set as their honorary trophy on their desktop background. This week we wanted to feature all the “hard work” these teams put into snapping their team picture. And the people at Social Scavenger challenge YOU to make a better pose!

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