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The Calm Before the Planning: End of the Year Office Party

The year is coming to a delightful end. Your company has had fruitful year, now time to give back thanks to your hard working team. Most companies would throw a predictable dinner, or drinks at a bar. But your company is unlike all those other boring, plain, hoity-toity companies, right? Change up the tiring tradition this year by throwing the biggest end-of-the-year event activity.

The Dreaded Party Planning

We know party planning can often be stressful, time consuming, and pretty hefty on your company’s budget. You have to worry about selecting a venue, organize engaging party activities, deadline, attendance, party favours, and a million plus one other things on the agenda. We get you.

The Solution to Your Party Planning Problems that will Drive Results

An all-in-one gamification is the solution to end your worries. With Social Scavenger’s 7 different mobile challenge options available for your customization, the holiday event will be something you’ll be looking forward to plan. Through a mobile scavenger hunt, you won’t have to be concerned with deadlines and following a strict itinerary. An answer to all your party’s logistics through one single unit.

Create Unique Activities through a Mobile Medium

Forbes emphasizes that employees crave the element of fun in the workplace; moreover one that involves team building and collaboration. But how can you achieve this through a platform that is unique and corresponds within the budget? Companies now seek something different that provides value for money. Social Scavenger uses technology such as tablets or smart phones, introducing new ways utilize company equipment. Nowadays, at the very least, everyone possesses a smart phone- so you can be assured everyone can and will participate. Say goodbye to scrambling around for last minute things, and say hello to minimal stress!

How can this Strengthen Team Bonding at the Office?

A company to thrive and succeed, starts with the satisfaction of its employees. People who play together, stay together. Turn this activity to an opportunity to network, get to know one another, and a chance to relax and play! According to the National Institute for Play, “The practices that organizations need to be developing for their increasingly complex information work are those which infuse the state of play into their workers’ attitudes. They need to learn how to do the work of their organizations in a play state.”
We found that good team chemistry also results in successful operations at the office. When teams come together during the mobile challenge, they motivate one another and achieve challenges together throughout the whole adventure. Our scavenger challenges will have employees searching for goods, decoding clues, and snapping memorable photos. Upbeat mobile challenges that will help identify each employee’s strengths, increase communication, and improve overall productivity in the workplace. Sounds better than awkwardly socializing around cocktail wieners, doesn’t it?

Make your Scavenger Adventure Your Own

Brand-ify your scavenger adventure so your employees never lose sight of your company’s mission. Own perks such as incorporating your company’s history through the Trivia challenge, or add your brand logo to Photo camera-feature challenges. These will not only remind employees their passion for your company, it’s an opportunity for employees to showcase their efforts-  while getting little competitive internally with others in the office. Add your own company branding throughout the mobile game, or set up your own theme.  No need to hire an event photographer- your players will be snapping their own photos, and all the memorable content will self save in the app.
Now all you have to worry about how cool can you make your mobile game, and slaving over duties such as finding funny camera frames, and sweat-breaking trivia questions. Party planning will be a task that everyone will be fighting for!

So if you’re sick and tired of planning for same old annual mundane party, and want something refreshing this year, contact us!

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