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How To Make Campaign Videos That Are Easy And Viral

Short Videos in the Media

Videos are compelling just as it is entertaining. Think of the greatest movies of all time, Casa Blanca, Jurassic Park, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. Now think of packing that into 15 seconds, challenging huh? Let me ask you this, would you rather look at a picture of someone leap frogging, or would you rather watch a video of the struggles it took for two men to jump over each other in the middle of the street? Thought so.

15 seconds may seem short, but consider what will your video say, what will you show? It can be both a curse and a blessing. People appreciate short clips because they’re not tediously long to watch; however the challenging part is, how can you capture your audience within a limited time frame? Use this medium to get a laugh, enlighten others with your opinion, show off your talent, or reveal a glimpse of your life- that can’t otherwise be expressed through a single snapshot.

Think of how many hours of video are shared and watched through Youtube? Music videos are watched more online now than it ever was through TV. Videos are promulgated through shared media clicks from every sort social network.
Nowadays you can track how big your audience is through clicks and view counts. The most watched video on Youtube, Gangnam Style, has over 2 billion views. And the video only came out two years ago.

Setting things a-Psy’d, videos can also be used to empower people and raise awareness of important matters, like cat videos. Just kidding. Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Over the past few weeks, people from all over the world- to celebrities, musicians, somehow even your mother- is partaking in this challenge to raise awareness of ALS.

Videos Aren’t So Scary Or Uncommon

Brands try to utilize the video feature and incorporate them into their campaigns- but they’re rarely used, or are unsuccessful. Why?:

  • They can be hard to coordinate: How will you reach your audience? Where will they upload their submissions? Through which platform can the public view them?
  • People think videos take more effort to create when given no context

So where does Social Scavenger fit into the picture?

The Social Scavenger app has a built in video capturing function, which can be used in challenges. It is a comfortable all-in-one hub that will allow users to capture, upload, and share their videos through a live stream.
Do you have a weird and wacky talent? Challenge your users to show it off!


Video challenges are great for so many reasons:

Team building

From planning out the content, to storyboard, yes dialogue? no dialogue? props, location- all within a considerable time frame, can be an excellent challenge that will bond any group of benevolent strangers together.

Entertaining to watch

Project it on a big screen, share it with friends or coworkers. Pictures are fun but videos can be more amusing to watch.

Promo campaigns

Use it to display your brand and what it’s all about. Video allows you to not only visually display your brand, you have the gift of audio- make use of it.

Breaking people out of their shell

Camera shy? Prescribed challenges will encourage users to exercise their inner reporter voice and push them out of their comfort zone.


Challenge your users and start a new viral trend, maybe the next Harlem Shake?

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