Campus Orientation

Engage students for campus orientation and discovery.

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Student Mobile Engagements

Engaging students directly for campus discovery, orientation and team building or take it to the classroom. Your students have smartphones and we have ways to map out your campus. Let them discover the city, bond with other students, and enjoy amazing experiences. We also work with educators creating programs for students of all ages in class. Discovery games can be created with goals ranging as far as your creativity can take you.

The Experience

The Social Scavenger platform excels at campus orientation for all schools.

Challenge Types
Build, Buy or Both

Buy experiences-in-a-box, build your own from scratch or a combination of the two. The Social Scavenger game builder gives you a huge amount of flexibility. That's why we have schools and universities building everything from Trivia and QR games for parent nights through to campus orientation for new students... and everything in between. After your training consultation you'll be empowered to create the perfect game for your students.

Supporting Services

Social Scavenger enables great games. Download the App, join your game and go. Keeping it simple for players is always the way to go. The heavy lifting is done in the game setup so your players can simply click 'challenges' and see what it is they get to accomplish. Leaderboards, live stream, push notifications and other engaging features keep it exciting for players. Engage our team to provide additional services such as moderation, judging, messaging, and summarizing game play.

Social Sharing
Post Activity

The backend game builder and management system allows you to access what is happening in your game at any time, in real-time. You can even push out new challenges on the fly if you have a great idea, want to react to the environment or simply are having fun. The backend system has easy exports of content, reporting and more.


The Social Scavenger platform has 3 tiers for branding. Easily roll out a game on our platform with our branding, or inject your branding into our Apps, or create your own Apps that completely hide the Social Scavenger brand.

Social Scavenger Branding

Participants download, install and use the Social Scavenger app. They see standard icons, labels and colors.

Grey Label Branding

Participants download, install and use the Social Scavenger app. They see your custom icons, labels and colors.

White Label Branding
White Label

Participants download, install and use your app. They see your icons, labels and colors. There is no mention of Social Scavenger in their experience.

Past Educational Activities

Social Scavenger has been used by thousands of brands over the almost ten years we've been offering our platform and services.

Texas A&M University

Learning about various buildings, offerings and services via a campus discovery game.


Getting students into teams to solve the ultimate amazing mystery race.


iPad hunts with stickers that students and parents love.

University of New England

Engaging with students via amazing discovery games.

Platform Features

We are constantly adding to our leading feature set with the goal of bringing the best experience possible to players and our client partners. If you don't see your dream feature here, don't despair it may simply not be listed. If you have truly custom needs please reach out and let us know. We may have it in the works - or we may just be waiting for an excuse to bump it to the top of our list.

Social Scavenger App Map
Location Challenges

Lock any type of challenge to a location such that it will only unlock when users are in range. Amazing for location based challenges, sponsorships and more.

Social Scavenger App Dashboard
Advanced Game Builder

A flexible game builder means whether you are moderating content, or setting up games, the power is at your fingertips.

Social Scavenger App Challenge
Easy Game Play

Even with so many features, game play is completely streamlined so all players have to do is be creative and have fun.

Spotlight: Orientation

Saint Joseph's University tackled the challenge of new students and new surroundings with a new solution - Social Scavenger. Leveraging the hosted platform they quickly and affordably launched a week or memory making orientation activities.

Saint Joseph's University

"Our students had a blast learning about our Campus and rich school history and traditions all while playing a game."

Goals Custom programs mean engagements will connect directly to your program and goals.