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How Our Escape Games Work


"We've played an escape-style game already"..... we've heard that before, followed by 'Wow, not like this"! Our escape-style games are built for team-building adventures as the race is to figure out the mystery while earning the most points. You can lose points along the way by accessing hints and gain extra points with your creativity in photo and video challenges! (that's right, this isn't just puzzles and riddles people).


All of our stories create amazing group moments, competitive times, and laughs. Our games are just the right difficulty level and we try and ensure everyone gets to the final puzzle (none of this 'you made it 38% of the way through the game'.


Sit back and have fun - these escape games are fully hosted and staffed so we can produce the highest level event, from background stories and team posters to bonus points and media shows. Ask about our self-hosted games if you're on a tighter budget.

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Who Kidnapped the Boss can be fully customized...but Great Scott! has so much pop culture fun. How does one decide!? Just ask and we'll help you choose.


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A professional game producer makes your life easy from customization to setup and finally game day. That's right - you can play too.


Easy to Play!

Our games are played in breakout rooms...on a web BROWSER! That's right, no apps, no downloads, maximum ease, and fun for teams as they work in breakout groups off one shared screen.

Our Virtual Escape Games

  • Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

    Your Boss has been kidnapped! In our custom version 5 members of your organization are on the top of our suspect list. Breaking out into case squads, teams will have 50 minutes to work through a series of riddles, puzzles, and multimedia challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements.

  • Great Scott!

    Biff has stolen the Delorean and he's wreaking havoc on the time continuum. Your team must travel through the 80s,90s,00s,10, and future to save pop culture as we know it, all before time runs out. Decode puzzles, crack codes and submit photos and videos that may just stop Biff.
  • The Big Escape

    Are you ready to rob a casino? Big Al rules with an iron first and a revolt is ready. We've got an inside crew who's ready to give you all of the information you'll need to pull off the job of the century. Forget Ocean's 11, this is where you'll come to shine.

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- Microsoft

Great activity for building team spirit!

- Netflix

Fun & Innovative - Play it!

- Fandom

One of my favourite work events - EVER!

- PepsiCo

Super fun, better than an Escape room!

- Coffee Meets Bagel

You guys totally made fetch happen!

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