Escape the Boardroom

Fancy yourselves clever? Let's see if you can make your way through this escape style game, faster, and with more points, than your competition.

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Size: 4 - 3,000
Time: 60-90 minutes
Location: Indoors (customized)
Cost: Starts at $40 pp.
When you need: Team BuildingOutside the Box ThinkingStrategic ThinkingTeam CohesionCompetitionIndoor Activity
Our passion delivers: Turn Key EventsPuzzling ChallengesVenue ExplorationThrillsLaughsProblem Solving FunUnique Events

Teams will work together through 5 different paths of challenges ranging from puzzles, trivia, team video challenges, qr codes and photos. You can select a game that comes with 'mystery boxes' or a game that is run completely off the Social Scavenger App. Based on your location, theme and budget we'll provide you with a variety of optional customizations and services. Looking for something to do at your next meeting, conference or sales trip? This is it.

Escape the Boardroom

Flee boredom with puzzling races delivered and captured via mobile phone.

Using a smartphone and items found in a mystery box, teams will try to make their way through a maze of sequential challenges before the clock runs out. Challenges will require brain power, teamwork, creativity.

Teams can use hints to help navigate through the game but must be careful not to waste too many points, as scoring points will give them the best chance at winning. When teams submit photo and video challenges they will be sent directly to our spy judges at HQ who will review and score them based on accuracy and creativity, making quality of utmost importance.

The Experience

Your teams have 60-90 minutes to crack the codes, complete the challenges and top the leaderboard. Can they get through it in time? Competitive teams hate wasting points on hints, but winning teams use them strategically.

Our classic mobile edition of your escape style game can be ready to go with just a few key pieces of information. Your teams will have a blast using their wits, creativity and phones to see if they can make it through all of the challenges and enter the final code before the clock runs out. The team at the top of our leaderboard wins the day. Our basic games are self hosted - but that doesn’t mean you are on your own. We’ll get you set up with everything you need from set up, instructions, and award ceremony tips. You can always add on a-la-carte services such as custom videos or virtual judges.


You will be placed in teams of 3-8 people. Often a 'table' becomes a team at a conference or your meeting though strategic team making is highly recommended.

Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes

Who doesn't love opening a box with no idea what to do with any of it? Don't worry, as you make your way through the challenges it will become apparent when to interact with your physical items. But can you figure out what to do with them?


Team who use up all the hints will probably finish the game quickly... just not in first place. Teams have to balance the need for help with the point deductions to come out on top. Hints always ensure no team gets stuck. Getting stuck is the worst.

Our higher end solutions will involve physical boxes to accompany the App. What are in these boxes is part of the mystery of course but black lights, locks, cyphers, puzzles and other 'random' (not random at all) objects, take this game up a level.

We love to personalize games to make them even more meaningful to your team. That means we get information about your goals and company built right into the game - crucial to the outcome.

Themed? You bet. Spy themed games such as the James Bond experience will have you tracking down famous evil villains, using classic spy techniques from cracking codes to ordering martinis in a foreign language.

Live Stations
Live Stations

Hosted stations are judged and involve props. These range from craft creation to tower building and so much more. We love building smile inducing stations.

Personalized Videos

Next level personalization means we get your leaders into the game... and by that we mean literally in the game. Watch the next video clue, brought to you by Jane the CEO in order to crack this code.


We can incorporate themes from the roaring 20s, to James Bond, to Harry Potter, into your game for a truly custom experience. Our themes can also coincide with existing themes to create continuity across your entire program.

Hosted? Yes - our higher end games typically come with a host and helper(s) who will set you up, get teams going and take care of your awards ceremony, videos and any custom requirements.

Between the basic and the most luxurious, lies a number of different permutations. You can mix and match add-ons to give your participants an experience somewhere in the middle. Our team will provide you a menu with pricing from which you can select what works best for you. We take a consultative approach to making your day perfect.

Escape is Possible

Our games are built so that 30-50% of the teams complete the entire experience. We can always make games a bit harder or easier as you desire.

Black Lights
Black Lights

Fine. You will find a black light in your box. Everyone wants one. But can you figure out what else it’s good for? The winning team will.

Location Tailored
Your Location

Unique locations make for unique challenges, so from Disney Springs, to boutique hotels, to your office space, we can work to make your escape game feel right at home.

Premium Addons

Live Scoring and Judges

We watch. We judge. We award bonus points based on creativity and effort. Oh... and we send teams funny messages based on what we see happening.

Highlight Reels

At your activity, the highlight reel is always a hand-crafted hit and goes very well with an award ceremony or as a fun memento.

Video Crew

Add a team of videographers to tail around your participants. The mix of videos from the players with those from the crew makes for a great experience.

Personalized Challenges

Every challenge can be personalized. Get executives to introduce challenges with a video, integrate vision and mission statements, and test on company or group trivia from the past.


You use a new innovative ticketing system and need it to work with us right? We can tie our platform to other systems.


Unlock our library of challenges from past successful implementations. Search the library by tag, tap a button and it is now part of your game.

Custom Stickers

Branded, personalized or themed stickers can be created for you. Get players interacting with and producing photos of themselves with your logo, mascot or otherwise special sticker.

Live Actor
Live Actors

Our cosplay style actors are placed at special locations for your teams to track down... and once they do? The actor or actress will let you know. Only once teams successfully complete their mission will they be sent on their way.


Enter your private game code and POOF - magic. Your game can be fully branded for a company, individual or theme. Full branding means not just a logo, but terms, icons, custom areas and more.

Live Station
Live Stations

Find our hosts at a series of stations and discover what challenge awaits your team.

Program Development

Engage our game makers to understand your objectives and then work backwards to build the perfect game for your audience.

Custom Reporting

Analytics on your mind? Beyond our standard reporting we can work to develop custom reports based on your goals and desired outcomes.

Custom Boxes

Everyone wants to know what's in the box... but why ruin the surprise? We are happy to customize boxes for large events and a variety of themes.

Why an Escape Style Game? Why Social Scavenger?

Escape style games let us deliver the best of both experiential team building challenges paired with mind bending puzzles that bring out a huge range of skill sets and get teams really working together.

You'll still complete hilarious team building video challenges, but you'll have to unlock them as you make your way through a series of puzzles, cyphers and all types of mind challenges.

This is not an escape room. It is better. You will not have groups of 6 people rammed in a tight space with too little time to get into the game. These escape style games are set up custom to your location and schedule, typically built to last 60 to 90 minutes.

While we say they are indoor games, we happily use everything around you and can thus move people all around a property (or keep them in a room).

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