Platform Features

Have a peek at what makes the Social Scavenger platform special.

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Platform Features

We are constantly adding to our leading feature set with the goal of bringing the best experience possible to players and our client partners. If you don't see your dream feature here, don't despair it may simply not be listed. If you have truly custom needs please reach out and let us know. We may have it in the works - or we may just be waiting for an excuse to bump it to the top of our list.

White Label Branding
White Label

Brands often want their very own version of Social Scavenger. No problem.

Social Scavenger App Menu
Embed our App

For clients who want to boost downloads and engagement in their own App, we offer a solution where our App lives inside your App.

Social Scavenger App Stream
Live Streams

Inspire the competition to greater heights as everyone watches the game action unfold on the live stream. Easy to sort by teams or challenges, to sort the contenders from the pretenders.

Social Scavenger App Leaderboard

Automated leaderboards motivate teams as they watch the competition moving on up. Also a great time saver for game organizers.

Social Scavenger App Map
Location Challenges

Lock any type of challenge to a location such that it will only unlock when users are in range. Amazing for location based challenges, sponsorships and more.

Social Scavenger App Sharing

Participants have many options when it comes to getting the content out to the world. On iOS and Android, players can share the content via the standard share sheet. On top of that, the content is saved to their library.

Social Scavenger App Branding
Sponsorship Opportunities

Involve sponsors in challenges or the App design and content.

Social Scavenger App Dashboard
Advanced Game Builder

A flexible game builder means whether you are moderating content, or setting up games, the power is at your fingertips.

Social Scavenger App Moderation

Approve or reject submissions in real time. Brands can ensure nothing goes live without approval.

Social Scavenger App Edit Challenges
Real-time Management

Did it start to rain, or do you want to add a new challenge mid game? Control the game live with your laptop or phone.

Social Scavenger App Locked to Challenge
Locked Challenges

You can lock challenges to first require other challenges, or to require being at a GPS location, or to being near a hidden hardware beacon.

Social Scavenger App Challenge
Easy Game Play

Even with so many features, game play is completely streamlined so all players have to do is be creative and have fun.

Social Scavenger App Offline
Offline Mode

Sending your players underground? They can still complete challenges in offline mode.

Social Scavenger App Submissions Map
Map Your Adventure

You choose if you want to include maps, or keep them hidden, showing where challenges were completed.

Social Scavenger App Adjust Points
Automated Scoring

Assign a value to each challenge and let the leaderboard take care of itself. Want to make points worth 'up to' a certain value? Go for it, and also judge content as it comes in.

Social Scavenger App Photo Pickup
Post Game Follow-ups

Easy to share content with teams and clients after the event using private live stream links, widgets or full export options.

Social Scavenger App Change Team Name
Team Names and Images

Users are prompted to create a fun team name and take a team photo before they even start their first game.

Social Scavenger App Trivia Setup
Trivia Challenges

Set the questions and answers and we'll do the rest. Great for both educational and entertainment purposes.

Social Scavenger App Adjust Points
Push Notifications

Don't just moderate content, let teams know when you love it or hate it with custom messages direct to their device.

Social Scavenger App Stream
Customized Live Streams

If you don't want every piece of content, such as trivia answers or QR codes, displaying on the live stream it's fully in your control.

Social Scavenger App Feature
Feature Content

Make your content marketing really easy with featured streams, sharing only the best of the best.

Phone and Tablet
Tablet Support

Use iPads and other tablet devices to play your games, opening up even more ways for players to connect.

Social Scavenger App Tablet
Responsive Microsites

Optimized for both game builders and players, games can be organized and watched on the live stream with tablets, phones or any size browser.

Social Scavenger App Highlight Reel
Highlight Reels

We can help you make highlight reels, that mix photos and videos, as the perfect memento of your day.

Social Scavenger App Rewards

Reward players with coupons, jokes, bonus clues or other positive achievements. Reward players based on game wide or challenge specific triggers.

Social Scavenger App Clues

Create your own mystery, give advantages, or set roadblocks. Add a riddle, unlock your story in steps, or add any other new dimension with clues that are hidden until challenges are successfully completed.

Social Scavenger App Timers

Give players a set amount of time to complete their game, then choose to accept or reject late submissions. Alternatively, go down to the challenge level and set a timer just for a particular challenge.

Types of Challenges

Unique challenges are at the heart of every game. Some may require hunting down GPS locations, others might be locked to a QR code hidden on a poster. Others might require photo or video creativity. Whatever the challenge, it’s always the same easy process for players. Read the clue, click a button to complete the challenge and earn points for being awesome.


Layer fun on to reality. Look through your camera and you could find a new hair style, a funky frame, or any photo booth style sticker that you can dream up.


A billion photos shared online a day can’t be wrong. Let your players shine with a skill they know all too well.


Put yourself in the directors seat and choreograph the action. Players can really stretch the comfort and creative zone with short videos.


Take the role of Trivia Master by mixing in a few brain teasers. Pair fun facts and figures with educational opportunities.

QR Codes

Make your players prove they got to an exact location by tracking down hidden QR codes. Hide them online, on a webpage or social profile, or out in the real world.

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice

For harder questions, use multiple choice to give the participants a chance at guessing right.