Custom solutions for amazing events and fun festivals.

Get Activated

Activate Sponsors and Attendees

Custom mobile experiences give us the opportunity to leverage your sponsors, VIP groups, or an entire audience. A challenge based game can help move people around, gather amazing content, encourage repeat visitors and much more. There is no one size fits all solution so get in touch and we can discuss opportunities to help you achieve your goals.

The Experience

The Social Scavenger platform excels at festivals of all shapes and sizes.

Challenge Types
Build, Buy or Both

Together we’ll go through everything the game builder enables you to do and then set you free! We can build your game with you, for you, or simply guide you along to make sure you leverage the right features while keeping your game experience focussed.

Supporting Services

The heavy lifting is done in the game build so that players simply click on challenges and see what there is to do, and possibly where and when to do it. They'll never need any technology other than simply downloading the App. During the festival, engage our team to provide additional services such as moderation, judging, messaging, and summarizing game play.

Social Sharing
The Live Event

The approvals area lets you see all of the game happening in real-time and even award bonus points, take down content you don’t like, share content you love and easily access data for reporting. Content and reports can be accessed after your event to further leverage the content your guests will have created for you.


The Social Scavenger platform has 3 tiers for branding. Easily roll out a game on our platform with our branding, or inject your branding into our Apps, or create your own Apps that completely hide the Social Scavenger brand.

Social Scavenger Branding

Participants download, install and use the Social Scavenger app. They see standard icons, labels and colors.

Grey Label Branding

Participants download, install and use the Social Scavenger app. They see your custom icons, labels and colors.

White Label Branding
White Label

Participants download, install and use your app. They see your icons, labels and colors. There is no mention of Social Scavenger in their experience.

Past Events

Social Scavenger has been used by thousands of brands over the almost ten years we've been offering our platform and services.


Soap Boxes to Flugtags we engage with the ship builders who make it all happen.

First Tennessee

Weekly games that drive players to events to engage with products.

State Fair of Texas

Explore amazing festivals with your VIP, or in teams, with custom and private games.

Scotiabank Movie Festivals

Cross country patrons played trivia and sticker games as they waited for the show.

Platform Features

We are constantly adding to our leading feature set with the goal of bringing the best experience possible to players and our client partners. If you don't see your dream feature here, don't despair it may simply not be listed. If you have truly custom needs please reach out and let us know. We may have it in the works - or we may just be waiting for an excuse to bump it to the top of our list.

Social Scavenger App Branding
Sponsorship Opportunities

Involve sponsors in challenges or the App design and content.

Social Scavenger App Edit Challenges
Real-time Management

Did it start to rain, or do you want to add a new challenge mid game? Control the game live with your laptop or phone.

Social Scavenger App Submissions Map
Map Your Adventure

You choose if you want to include maps, or keep them hidden, showing where challenges were completed.

Goals Custom programs mean engagements will connect directly to your program and goals.