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Large Group Team Games Are Back!


Big groups equals big fun! Our games will delight your group at any size. 50 players or 5,000 we have games that will work for your group size and location, be it downtown in the big city or locked in at the convention center.


Group Sizes: 100 - 5,000

How We Play

Teams Complete Challenges

Teams of 5-10 per team (TBD based on your total group size) will have 2 hours to work together, uncover clues, solve puzzles, and complete creative photo and video challenges. Can your team rack up enough points to beat out the competition?

Challenges are based on your game theme and location and may include Photos, Videos, Stickers, Puzzles, Riddles, Trivia, QR codes, and more! All are designed for maximum team engagement.

Prizes & Messaging

In our large group games, we can provide bonus points for creative submissions and have additional winners for individual challenges! The more winning the better. We'll also be messaging the teams as an extra layer of engagement.

Industry Leading Tech

Our industry-leading platform has everything we need to keep groups engaged and organized all game long - from countdown timers to live streams, pop-up characters, real-time leaderboards, chat (or what our teams affectionately call trash talk), maps, etc.

Enjoy Epic Wrap-Ups

When your game ends, we're just getting started. Since the leaderboard was shut off 30 minutes ago everyone wants to know one thing... Who won!?

We'll send you a custom video featuring the best of the best photo and video moments and is guaranteed to delight your group.

You'll now get to grab the glory as you announce the winning teams along with any fun prizes for specific challenges.

More? You want more? Okay - we'll send over a video highlight reel of every team, so each group can brag about their amazing effort and how they should have one but the judges cheated them :)

Delight Your Group With Our Hit Games


3 Games That Are Great for Large Groups

Trusted by Large Teams Everywhere

“My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for
helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping
and creative juices flowing! Highly recommended”
Sean K, Snr. Event Planner, Coca-Cola

Frictionless, Simple & Guaranteed Fun

  • Step 1

    Choose your Adventure

    Hop on a call with a game producer and figure out which game is perfect for you. If you love custom adventures - we'll put your Boss and team into the city! Big on pop culture - you simply have to play Great Scott!

  • Step 2

    Select Game Day Services

    Our premium game day services include live messaging with your teams, awarding bonus points for creativity, and of course, a post-game highlight video and winners announcement. Customization is also possible - just ask!

  • Step 3

    Play Time!

    Our games will bring out joy and create amazing moments and connection points. Our games are competitive, cooperative, and guaranteed to get you - rave reviews!

    Did you mean 'how the game works?' Our games are powered by our award-winning app that uses GPS, stickers, photos, videos, hints, puzzles, timers, live streams, live leaderboards and chat to create an engaging adventure - Book a demo.


Many of our games have room for customization, some can even be altered to put your team into the story.

We can customize elements of your game including:

  • Game theme i.e. Who Kidnapped
  • Game location (area of city, resort, custom destinations)
  • Game branding (to match your 'theme' if you have one)
  • Game challenges (include your culture in the game)
  • Completely Custom Adventures - we build those too.

Why Social Scavenger Games Are Amazing Team-Building Events for Large Groups

We design games using our own technology giving us the flexibility to ensure groups can easily get started, are as spread out as we want, and have the right experience. Our award-winning adventures let you reconnect with your team while working together to solve challenges and have a blast while you do it. These experiences are guaranteed to boost morale, create laughter, and help rekindle that competitive team spirit that’s been missing during our time working remotely. Our team of professionals makes sure you have a great experience and that your game is designed to be safe and awesome.

Our Technology

Games are custom-built to run in our proprietary technology. Only one team member needs to use our app to access your private game (available on iOS, Android, and Mobile Web (no download). The app has all the tech you'll need.

  • Leaderboard with real-time updates
  • Live Streams so you can spy on your competitors
  • Highlight reel souvenir videos for each team
  • Live chat / trash talk features
  • Maps, GPS unlocks, hints, stickers etc.

Key Event Facts

Fully Managed or Self Play
Team Sizes: 4-8. Group Size: any.
Duration: 2 hours
Walking: 1.5ish Square Mile Game Zone
Customizations: Available for certain games get in touch and find out!

Ready to Laugh and Connect with Your Team?

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