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"A Scavenger Hunt, Escape Game and Amazing Race Walked into a Bar? Super fun!!"

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Is your team ready for a city adventure for the ages? Our London-based games will have your teams laughing, connecting, and exploring the city as they try to complete challenges and rack up enough points to beat the competition.

Choose your game and then prepare for delightful surprises from our live (and mildly sarcastic) in-game commentary to epic wrap-up videos, team highlight reels and so much more.

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For competitive teams who also like to laugh

Our London Lineup of Team
Building Adventures

Who Kidnapped
The Boss?!


Your boss has been kidnapped - and you’ve only got two hours to return them to safety! Working in case squads, you’ll travel around the city, unlocking our suspects, solving riddles, puzzles, and multimedia challenges to unlock clues about the top suspects. But can you crack the case and save your boss before it’s too late? Your bonus might just depend on it. Don't want to go bespoke? We have a surprise boss.

Ultimate London
City Hunt


You'll never have enough time to complete every challenge - but that's okay, nobody will! Each team will choose its own adventure as you decide what GPS stops to hit and where to complete any number of other creative photo, video, and sticker challenges. Think that's all? It never is with the Ultimate City Scavenger Hunt for Teams.

Choose Wisely


The game where teams craft their own adventure through strategic decisions and collaboration. Groups face challenges with multiple outcomes, and their choices define their unique route, highlighting the importance of teamwork and smart choices. This engaging, customizable experience builds camaraderie and valuable skills in a distinctive journey shaped by the team. Are you set to forge your own path?

Where Do We Play?

EVERYWHERE. Of course we have well establish game zones, but we're willing to build you a game anywhere in around the city if you don't want to brave the traffic (and fun) of London.

Your game zone is never more than about 10 minutes 'across' - because let's be honest, we're building games for your fun team events.

Popular game zones

  • SOHO + Leicester Square

  • Mayfair + Park

  • Covent Garden

  • + Custom for your Game

Trusted City Wide -
London’s Finest Team Building Events

  • My Coca-Cola colleagues and I cannot thank Social Scavenger enough for helping us create a fun, strategic adventure that had our adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing! Highly recommended

How It Works!

Frictionless, Simple & Guaranteed Fun

  • Step 1

    Choose your Adventure

    Need help? Hop on a call with a game producer and figure out which game is perfect for you. If you love bespoke adventures - we'll put your Boss and team into the city! Big on pop culture - you simply have to play Great Scott!
  • Step 2

    Select Game Day Services

    Our premium game day services include live messaging with your teams, awarding bonus point for creativity and of course a post game highlight video and winners announcement. Customizations are also possible - just ask!
  • Step 3

    Play Time!

    Our games will bring out joy and create amazing moments and connection points. Our games are competitive, cooperative, and guaranteed to get you - rave reviews!

    Did you mean 'how the game works?' Our games are powered by our award-winning app that uses GPS, stickers, photos, videos, hints, puzzles, timers, live streams, live leaderboards and chat to create an engaging adventure - Book a demo.

Level Up the Fun

Each of our games is fully managed by our in-house game production team. Our hosts can help pump up your teams and get the event going. In the background, mission control will send out messages, award bonus points for creativity, and put together a game wrap-up presentation that will captivate. Teams can always get in touch with mission control during gameplay for support or bribe us for free hints!

If you don’t need our team on game day, not a problem, self-hosted options are also available. Speak with a game producer to see how we can help put together a bespoke hosted experience for your team.

Why are these Amazing Team Building Events in London?

Our London-based city adventures let you reconnect with your team while working together to solve challenges and have a blast while you do it ensuring you always have somewhere awesome to meet up at the end (even if it's back at the office) - but we recommend somewhere more fun! These experiences are guaranteed to boost morale, create laughter through hilarious photos and videos, and help rekindle that competitive team spirit that’s been missing during our time working remotely.

Our Technology

Games are custom built to run in our proprietary technology. Only one team member needs to use our app to join your private game, which is available on iOS, Android and Mobile Web. Your app includes:

  • Leaderboard with real-time updates
  • Live Streams so you can spy on your competitors
  • Highlight reel souvenir videos for each team
  • Live chat
  • Maps, GPS unlocks, hints, stickers etc.

Key Event Facts

Fully Managed or Self Play
Team Sizes: 4-8. Group Size: any.
Duration: 2 hours
Walking: Not Too Far (2 sq km approx) - it's flexible!
Customizations: available for certain games get in touch and find out!

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