Montreal Scavenger Hunt

You can expect participants to have a great time and be talking about this as an epic event well afterwards. Your group will create hilarious videos and photos that make long-lasting memories for everyone involved. Social Scavenger ensures an easy implementation and all the support you need to ensure a smooth day.


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How it works

Montreal is our Gameboard!

This classic event will have you exploring an area of the city while trying to outdo your competition by taking the best photos and videos, answering trivia challenges and puzzles with the fewest hints and of course picking the best route to victory. Each team can choose their own path, so whether you’re a team of 10 or 10,000 you won’t be on top of each other in this epic adventure. When you do bump into other teams - get ready to compete in a hilarious VS. challenge.

For teams and groups that are in different cities, we also offer an experience tailored towards parallel play. (Contact us about premier games.)

  • 1

    Virtual hosting team

    scoring your game (premier only)

  • 120

    Minutes to

    win the day

  • 5

    Minute epic highlight

    reel video

    (premier only)

  • Ways to connect

    and have fun


How to Play

We recommend teams of ~5 for maximum engagement and competition. While only one person per team will use their smartphone to join your private game, everyone plays a critical role in completing challenges before the clock runs out. Games typically run between 90 minutes - 2 hours and involve both teamwork and creativity in completing photo challenges, videos, puzzles and much more.


Get ready to explore, engage, compete and have a blast!

  • Join your private game on the Social Scavenger app (1 person per team)

  • Review your game day briefing and get ready to play

  • When the clock starts ticking - the game is on, let’s play!

  • Teams choose their own path to try and claim victory

  • Complete fun and creative challenges as you explore the area

  • When the clock strikes zero, wrap it up with a winner ceremony & highlight reel videos


  • What are the Physical Requirements and How Long is the Game?

    The game is played on foot and while each game / city is slightly different expect a casual walking pace for up to 2 hours with lots of stops to do challenges and explore the space.

    If you want a more ‘fast paced’ game please let us know and we’ll turn up the heat. Alternatively, we also have 60 and 90 minute versions available.

  • How Do We Make the Teams?

    We will give you our $0.02 on the best way to make teams based on your outcomes, but more random than not is always a good idea.

  • Are We All Walking Around Together?

    No. Our games are designed to scatter teams across the playing field and large groups can be assigned a variety of starting points.

  • Are the Start / Stop Locations Provided or Custom?

    Both. We have a game ‘zone’ for you to play in with recommended stop / starts, but can accommodate custom start / stop locations in most cases. We can also customize any of our games to specific locations, but normally that’s not required.

  • Do We Use Your App To Play?

    Yes. One person per team - or more if you wish - will download our proprietary app and join your private game. The app is loaded with fun and special features. However, if you have a strong phobia of downloading apps, many of our games can be played on a mobile web version (meaning no download).

    The app is configured per event but can include: challenges, maps, live streams (showing you other teams in action), live leaderboard, chat room (or trash talking zone), rewards and yes - more!

  • Will We Have Game Day Support and a Host?

    If you are booking a premier event you’ll have access to our live virtual events team, though frankly not a lot of support is required once you get started. We have 3 tiers of events - but every game comes with a game producer who sets you up for success. So whether you prefer to run your own show, want our virtual team conducting things or even an in person host - just let us know!

  • What if We Don’t Know How Many People Will Be Playing?

    No problem! We can invoice you for up to 90% of your headcount ensuring you have some wiggle room - but you don’t need to give us those numbers right away either.

  • What about Rain & Inclement Weather?

    Did we mention you're in good hands? While some of the most epic games have happened when teams battle a few elements, you are able to rebook your game for a future date at no additional cost. We also have ‘indoor’ games in many cities in case there is no future date for you.

  • "Everyone at our firm had a ton of fun running around downtown! The game was well organized, easy to follow and everyone loved the hilarious comments from the live judging!"

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