Scavenger Hunts

Find hidden locations and famous spots, unlock bonus challenges, answer trivia and much more on your race to the top of the podium.

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Size: 6 - 3000
Time: 2-3 hours
Location: Anywhere
Cost: $300+
When you need: Team BuildingCompetitionDiscoveryGoal FocusFunMobility
Our passion delivers: Amazing MomentsMedia MementosCity ExplorationAdventureLaughsTeamworkUnique Experiences

Fortune and glory are just around the corner for your players! Glory to you for running a great team or event outing. Fortune for players in the form of an amazing experience.

Scavenger Hunts

Send teams out to complete a list of challenges using their mobile phones.

Our hunts are custom events that both match your goals and exceed your expectations. You can expect participants to have a great time and be talking about this as an epic event well afterwards. You will create hilarious videos and photos that make long-lasting memories for everyone involved. Social Scavenger ensures an easy implementation and all the support you need to ensure a smooth day. You're able to pick any services you require for a great day or simply Do-It-Yourself.


Challenges range from interacting with local attractions, to solving brain teasers and trivia, and even reproducing popular memes. Challenges are customized to the area but can also be made to reflect your groups values.


Finishing your list is done with your mobile phone. Rather than physically take something, you capture it with your camera or keypad.


Have your teams solve riddles, or ask and be granted hints in exchange for penalties.

Flexible implementation means that we can customize our classic games to get you the right game, for the right audience. Custom company challenges, themes, unique locations, varying skill sets, multi-day games, and much more. Highlight reels, live judging and awards, are also part of our services packages that take your event next level. We have a myriad of services based on your needs or can even give you the tools to run it yourself. Just reach out and tell us how we can help.


As an organizer, you may choose whether or not grant prizes to the winner overall or winners of different categories.


Players can be asked to submit photos, videos, scan QR codes, type in free form answers, select from a multiple choice list, or type in the right answer to a trivia question.


Players can share photos, videos, animated gifs and even audio recordings that they create during the scavenger hunt.

The Experience

From our most cost effective experience to our top of the line - one thing hold true: someone from our team is always available to help.


Firstly, yes you can play even if you are organizing this event! No problem. We make sure our game organizers feel confident on game day, whether or not they are in the game or behind the scenes.

Creating the game

We have a great set of scavenger hunts and challenges ready to go. Customizing games can be done by our team, or we can simply show you how to DIY. You will have full access to view or test out your game in advance if you want to review anything.

Game Day Management

Games can be set to run themselves and end at the location of choice. Instructions are provided in advance and inside the app. Alternatively, engage us for live scoring, judging, actors or activity stations.

Support & Resources

You will have real-time access to all content created in your game, both in the app and on the Web. We will provide you with everything you'll need for a smooth running game program.


Life is more fun when you are playing games. All the technology is built into the app keeping it easy and fun for game day participants.

What Do I Need to Play?
Team up

We recommend teams of up to 5 for maximum engagement. You’ll be in charge of making teams. Each team will have one person download the app and join your private game. You are now ready to play!

What Will I Be Doing?

Teams will have 2 hours to earn as many points as possible. Challenges are all around you so each team picks their own path. All the tech needed is in the app. Earn extra points by being extra awesome.

Dress Code

Leaderboards keep teams updated on the action. But when the clock runs out - who won? We can turn the leaderboard OFF with 15 minutes left in the game and then coordinate the award ceremony with you from ‘best of’ to creative winners. Or simply let the leaderboard do the talking!

Dual Cities

For teams and groups that are in different cities, we offer an experience tailored towards parallel play.

Spotlight: Team Building

Team building is a critical element of growing a great company and retaining the best people. Companies like ADP leverage Social Scavenger’s mobile platform to create unique team building activities.


"We didn't know how creative our teams could be until we unleashed them onto the city - the results exceeded our expectations!"

Premium Addons

Live Scoring and Judges

We watch. We judge. We award bonus points based on creativity and effort. Oh... and we send teams funny messages based on what we see happening.

Highlight Reels

At your activity, the highlight reel is always a hand-crafted hit and goes very well with an award ceremony or as a fun memento.

Video Crew

Add a team of videographers to tail around your participants. The mix of videos from the players with those from the crew makes for a great experience.

Personalized Challenges

Every challenge can be personalized. Get executives to introduce challenges with a video, integrate vision and mission statements, and test on company or group trivia from the past.


You use a new innovative ticketing system and need it to work with us right? We can tie our platform to other systems.


Unlock our library of challenges from past successful implementations. Search the library by tag, tap a button and it is now part of your game.

Custom Stickers

Branded, personalized or themed stickers can be created for you. Get players interacting with and producing photos of themselves with your logo, mascot or otherwise special sticker.

Live Actor
Live Actors

Our cosplay style actors are placed at special locations for your teams to track down... and once they do? The actor or actress will let you know. Only once teams successfully complete their mission will they be sent on their way.


Enter your private game code and POOF - magic. Your game can be fully branded for a company, individual or theme. Full branding means not just a logo, but terms, icons, custom areas and more.

Live Station
Live Stations

Find our hosts at a series of stations and discover what challenge awaits your team.

Program Development

Engage our game makers to understand your objectives and then work backwards to build the perfect game for your audience.

Custom Reporting

Analytics on your mind? Beyond our standard reporting we can work to develop custom reports based on your goals and desired outcomes.

Custom Boxes

Everyone wants to know what's in the box... but why ruin the surprise? We are happy to customize boxes for large events and a variety of themes.

Why a Scavenger Hunt? Why Social Scavenger?

After years of delivering incredible scavenger hunts to people all over the world, we've figured out how to provide memorable experiences to our customers.

Scavenger hunts are different from our other games in a few important ways. Scavenger hunts are party games in which the organizers prepare a list defining specific items or challenges, which the participants then seek to gather or complete. Usually participants work in small teams, although individuals can compete against each other too. The goal is to be the first to complete the list or to complete the most items on that list. Alternatively, it may be to amass the most points while completing the list.

Social Scavenger is different from competitors today in a few major ways. We've been doing this for nearly ten years, and have built the business in a way such that our customers are #1. This allows us to serve you with complete focus. We're also special in that we layer our incredible software product with an equally impressive services group. We dream with you, and are open to integrating special requests into our products. Every month we do events from $500 to $50,000 and up, so we're experts at delivering the best possible outcomes on any budget. We employ game makers, designers, developers, judges, actors, moderators, video editors - all so you don't have to.

How much does it cost?

DIY corporate games start as low as $300 for up to 50 people (10 teams). Pricing is be based on the number of teams, duration of activity and any custom services or features you may want added to your program. We just need to learn a little bit more to give you a quote and get you started.

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