Go for the gold with our Virtual Summer Olympic Games


Calling all aspiring Olympians (or anyone with a super competitive streak)! Our one-of-a-kind Olympic-themed game takes our new classic "Scavenger Hunt from Home" and combines it with the ultimate international athletic showdown! Played virtually, teams compete in a series of epic challenges, laughing, learning and connecting with each other along the way.




Okay, well not really - this isn't grade school - but everyone will have a guaranteed fun time -

so that's winning right?! Join the thousands of teams we've helped engage!


Avg. Rating: 4.7 out of 5

97% of players review Social Scavenger Virtual Events 4 stars or higher!

Amazing team building activity. Tons of fun!

- PwC

Enjoy life when you can - fully recommended!

- Slater Matsil

Seriously so much fun... 100% want to do it again

- Jackson National

One of my favorite work events - EVER!

- Fandom


Step 1 - Game Day Set-Up

A dedicated game producer will create a truly unforgettable Olympiad for your team and ensure a smooth and easy process.

If you want a customized experience, we’ve got ways to mix in your organizations values and personality - while still keeping things really fun - just ask about customizations.

Step 2 - Let the Games Begin!

Event 5: The 400 x 100 Relay.

Wait, what do we have to run!? No - you won't really run 100 meters in your home or around your block (feel free to do that afterward if you'd like). However, you'll have to figure out the fastest way to hand off your Olympic baton to each player without missing a handoff, while capturing it all on video!

From the opening ceremonies to the torch relay and flag bearers, we’ll launch these Olympic games in style. Teams will be broken up into small groups to complete challenges with photos and videos submitted in the Social Scavenger platform (easy - no download).

Closing Ceremonies

Playing the game is a blast, but the fun doesn’t stop when we bring the groups back to the main room. Now it’s time for a media show, some bonus round voting and of course the winners’ ceremony. The cherry on top: every player leaves with a souvenir Olympic poster of all your athletes so they can always remember that time they were a true virtual Olympic athlete!

Virtual Fun is Guaranteed with Social Scavenger

Your Fun is Guaranteed. We know that with 50,000+ Players, 10+ Games and Endless Smiles & Reviews



A Unique Event - Run by



"Our team was engaged start to end. This game

managed to be a great ‘get to you know you

better’ game & epic competition all at once -

the highlight reel was as advertised - hilarious."


- Deloitte




  • Do we need pop culture knowledge to win?

    It sure won’t hurt, but you don’t need to be a pop-culture savant to have a great time here.

  • How long is this game?

    We suggest 90 minutes. It’ll fly by - trust us! We also have a 60 minute version.

  • Can this game be customized?

    We can do anything! That said, if you want an out of the box super customized escape game check out Who Kidnapped the Boss. If you really want your virtual teams in 80s gear, etc. - let's chat.

  • Can event organizers play?

    100% you can play! Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team.

  • How much work is it for me (the one booking this)?

    The process is very straightforward and your dedicated game producer will get you anything you need (mostly a link for game day and a willing team of players)!

  • What are media challenges?

    Our origins are in photo and video-based challenge games so we’ve found some really fun ways to bring ‘media’ into the game.  Media challenges are presented back to the group as a great way to experience what other teams did.  They are private to you.

  • What about prizes?

    No need. The prize is bragging rights (but you are welcome to include some - maybe a vintage Nintendo :)

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