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Make your next conference more memorable with an unforgettable team building experience that fosters collaboration, communication, and creativity, making your event both productive and fun.


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Say Goodbye to ol' Boring Conferences

Looking to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere at your conference? Our team building activities are perfect for any conference center, offering a range of challenges that will bring your team closer together while having loads of laughter.

Whether you’re planning a small meeting or a large conference, we tailor our activities to meet your needs and objectives - all while making sure your teams have a blast!


Team Games to Complement Your Conference

Select from our four distinctive team adventures or
inquire about custom games tailored specifically for your group.

Conference Scavenger Hunt


Navigate through a series of fun and engaging challenges designed to encourage teamwork and problem-solving. Participants will explore the conference center, finding clues and completing tasks to earn points and climb the leaderboard.

Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

Your boss has been kidnapped, and the culprit is within your team! Solve the mystery by racing against time, tackling puzzles, riddles, and multimedia challenges. Can your team crack the case? Hints are available, but they come at the cost of valuable points.


Navigate a world shaped by your team’s unique decisions, unlocking challenges tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for brainy or brawny tasks, thrilling or safe adventures, the path is revealed by your choices.


Great Scott - not again! Biff has stolen the DeLorean and wreaked havoc on iconic pop culture moments. Travel through the 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, and 2030s to restore the timeline and save the galaxy. Recreate classic scenes and set things right!

How it works

Turning Your Conference Center Into A Gameboard

Step 1 - Challenge-Based Games

Our activities involve working as a team to complete various fun challenges that earn points. Each challenge is designed to leverage team members' strengths and encourage collaboration.

Step 2 - Navigating the Venue

Explore the conference center by finding hidden clues, QR codes, or specific locations to complete your challenges. Our activities are adaptable to different spaces, from single rooms to entire conference centers.

Step 3 - Competing to Win

All activities are point-based, with teams earning points by completing challenges. A real-time leaderboard keeps the competition exciting and engaging.

Step 4 - Celebrating Success

The team with the highest score wins! Celebrate with a live leaderboard reveal and a custom slideshow of the day’s best moments. For premium packages, enjoy a custom video highlight reel to relive the excitement.

Why Add a Team Building Activity to Your Conference?

Liven Up Your Event

Ever been to that boring, mundane conference or seminar where you just sit there and listen to someone? This ain't that kind of event! Incorporating fun and interactive activities into your conference agenda keeps attendees engaged, energized, and more receptive to the conference's primary objectives.

Break the Ice

Team building activities are a great way to break the ice and help participants get to know each other better, making it easier for them to work together during the conference and beyond.

Create Lasting Memories

Fun and memorable activities provide a break from traditional conference sessions and create lasting memories that attendees will associate with your event.

Play at Conference Centers Using QR Codes

We provide you with 5 QR codes that you can place throughout the conference center, whether in a single room or scattered across multiple spaces. These codes can be scanned in any order, allowing teams to work on different parts of the game simultaneously.

If you have access to a large venue, consider hiding the QR codes and creating a series of clues for participants to find them. In a smaller conference room, simply place the codes on the walls to encourage movement and interaction.

The Social Scavenger App

Our app facilitates the game by delivering challenges, streaming team submissions (so you can view photos and videos from other teams), and keeping track of all the points. QR codes are just one type of challenge in our games, all managed through the app. Only one person per team needs to be the 'tech captain' with the app to lead the group.


Cherished by Teams of All Sizes

  • "We had the best time using social scavenger for our team building event for our whole company. The whole app once you play is very user friendly and the game producers are amazing!"

    - Lyft

  • "The Social Scavenger team was amazing! The game they put together was amazing and so much fun! Everyone had a blast! Thank you for a great adventure."

    - Google

  • “We had amazing virtual events with Social Scavenger! Their team was so responsive and helpful, and their live hosts were full of energy to keep everyone engaged!”

    - Coca-Cola

  • "Our team had so much fun doing the Great Scott scavenger hunt! I highly recommend partnering with Social Scavenger to plan your next teambuilding event."

    - Comcast

Packages & Pricing

Price Options ranging from $30 - $75pp
Contact us for a quote and for Game Tier Information

  • The Classic
    starting at
    • Private game
    • Custom Timing
    • Game producer
    • Live game stream
    • Leaderboard results
    • Automated slideshow
    • Content export
  • The Premier
    starting at

    Includes everything from Classic plus:

    • Virtual events team
    • Live messaging
    • Bonus points
    • Live Leaderboard
    • Team chat (if applicable)
    • Custom Video
  • Gold Pack
    starting at

    Includes everything from Premier plus:

    • Custom award pack
    • Team highlight reels for each team
    • Custom challenges with individual award winners
    • Virtual custom host introduction

What Does a Premier Experience Include?

By merging our event team with your high-tech adventures,
you get the ultimate combination. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Boost Creativity
    Our event team awards bonus points for creative solutions and engagement, encouraging teams to think outside the box.
  • Add Suspense
    With a hidden leaderboard in the final stretch, the competition remains thrilling until the end.
  • Capture the Moments
    Enjoy instant slideshows and full content exports of all the fun moments. Premier packages include custom highlight videos to commemorate your event.

Game Day Media for Every Budget

Whatever game you choose, we ensure you can cherish the classic moments immediately after the event and long into the future.

  • Instant Slideshows (available for all tiers)
  • Full Content Exports (available for all tiers)
  • Custom Videos created by us (available for Premier+)
  • Individual Team Highlight Reels (available for Premier+)


  • How Do We Make Teams?
    We are happy to give you tips though most clients prefer to strategically make teams ensuring it’s not just groups of friends playing together, but rather a chance to make connections with other colleagues.
  • Are We All Doing The Same Challenges
    Mostly, but not in the same order. Each team will be given the same challenges but will get to choose their own path to victory. In some of our games, such as Choose Wisely, teams will NOT do all of the same challenges.
  • Game Day Support
    Your package will determine how active we are on game day, but you can always reach out to us in any scenario if you have questions.
  • Do We Use An App?
    Yes. One person per team downloads the Social Scavenger app and joins your private game. If you can’t download apps - we have a web version.
  • What is the Booking Process?
    Once you are ready to book we’ll get you a contract, invoice and a game producer. Your game producer will make sure you have a great event and will handle any customization requests, hosts, etc. You are in good hands.

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