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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We have launched 3 new games that you can resell and brand for your clients. Check out these remote team building games and get in touch! Let’s get through this together.

Team Builders use Social Scavenger

Deliver premium games and unique experiences.

Companies all around the globe use the Social Scavenger platform to entertain and engage groups with a huge variety of game types from single day trivia games to massive multi city amazing races. Companies have the option of using our app, a White Label or a fully branded neutral app. Services? We can help import your games (if you are upgrading to Social Scavenger) or get you started with some hit game templates. We love teams. So do you. Let’s work together to build better teams globally.

New to mobile based hunts

If you are new to offering Scavenger Hunts and app based games to your clients you’ll benefit from our challenge library, games development team and suite of services that lets you run games that make sense for your setup from completely onsite with teams to remotely.

Already offering mobile games

Upgrading from a current solution or looking for more branding or features to extend your offerings? No problem our integration team will show you how to take the best of what you currently have and how it can be recreated and upgraded. We’ll also take you through a sneak peak at some of the new features coming your way this year and how you might want to plug them into your games.

What Types of Games Can I Build or License?

Good question - all kinds. Indoors, outdoors, escape style, city based, around an office, conference center, fully themed, trivia based etc. Our platform is flexible and game producers are ready to help you.

Fully Branded & Themed

Yes, you are able to run fully branded games on the Social Scavenger platform. Each game can be branded or themed based on your brand, a game theme or the end client. Branding does not simply mean a logo, but custom icons, color palettes, terminology and more. If you are looking for your own app - we also offer White Label solutions to premium partners.

Fully Branded Themes
Fully Branded Themes

An Indiana Jones themed game puts your audience into the mood.

Sponsored Games
Sponsored Games

If your games have sponsors or a client who wants to see themselves.

Your Own Brand
Your Own Brand

Brand games and your offerings on your own brand.

Is Social Scavenger Right for You?

Our platform evolves based on the needs and feedback of our partners and the teams that play everyday. Features are designed with a purpose and game play is kept straight forward.

Is it the right fit for you? There are no long term license commitments and you can create a free demo game - just to be sure.

We know you have questions about features and how they all work. What type of challenges do we have? Can you produce highlight reel videos? How do you interact with teams mid game? How does AR, GPS, QR codes etc all work? We have huge lists of features and are happy to walk you through them. But for most of our partners working together is just that - understanding your goals and helping see if our platform is the right solution to meet your needs. If so, we’d love to have you on board.

Available on: Players can experience your games on - iOS / Android / Web (including most tablets).


The Game Builder

You will likely start by building a game template (or have it created for you). The game builder has a huge suite of features and tools to build the right game. A producer can help you learn and set this up. Building games is fun - you might get hooked. You just build, test and play. You can clone any of your games to quickly create new copies for new teams.

Game Templates
Game Templates

Are easy to clone and re-use.

Challenge Library
Challenge Library

Gives you access to fresh ideas.


with new features to improve games.

Game Builders also love:

  1. Accessing our challenge library for new ideas
  2. Embedding youtube videos
  3. Experimenting with a constant array of new features
  4. Tweaks games based on feedback and what’s trending

The Game Player(s)

The Player experience is straightforward as all of the tech is built into the platform and our layout is simple and intuitive. The variations will occur based on your game design or program. Teams or individuals? Single day or not? Self hosted or are you heavily involved? Good news - players just join, play and have a great time.

Join Game
Join Game

Players use a private game code to enter your game.

Tech Included
Tech Included

The app has instructions but the layout keeps everything simple.

Great Experience
Great Experience

It’s all about the player experience - that’s where we excel.

Game Players also love:

  1. AR Stickers (Augmented Reality - coming soon!)
  2. Hidden bonus challenges
  3. Highlight reels
  4. Hints to keep the game moving

The Game Manager (Optional)

Your programs can be set to run themselves (self hosted / managed games). Many clients have no in game interaction. However, you have a suite of tools at your fingertips to offer next level games. Toggle leaderboards, send out personal messages, pull together epic highlight reels for award shows and much more. You won’t be disappointed by your game day options.

Judges, Commentary & Bonus
Judges, Commentary & Bonus

Track teams and join in the fun.

Game Services Team
Game Services Team

You want to offer something but don’t have the staff? We do.

Custom Highlight Reels
Custom Highlight Reels

Pro videos made simple with one click add.

Game Managers also love:

  1. Bonus points for great submissions
  2. Live commentary with teams and entire game
  3. One click slideshows & highlight reels
  4. A services team that can help out when you need them

Partnerships / Thinking Bigger

We would be happy to work with your team on large scale programs that can go company wide across your biggest clients.

Strategic initiatives
Strategic initiatives

Looking to produce something massive and need consulting on developing your programs? Let’s talk.

New Ideas
New Ideas

Have a great concept you want to bring to life? We have features and flexibility to support a huge range of game types.

Licensing Fees - How much does it cost?

We have options to match your needs ranging from single game pay as you go, to seasonal and yearly licenses.

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