Team Building

We help everyone from team building companies through to the individual who got charged with creating an amazing team building experience.

Build your team

Unique Team Building Fun

The best team building events are memorable and unique. We work with team builders all over the globe providing software and expertise for putting together amazing team building days. The flexibility of our platform ensures that you can create unique and personalized experiences that work with your goals and visions to get the results you deserve.

The Experience

The Social Scavenger platform excels at team building, no matter the team.

Challenge Types
Build, Buy or Both

Buy experiences-in-a-box, build your own from scratch or a combination of the two. The admininstrative portal has evolved to the professional tool it is today through feedback from our game runners, team builders and people on the ground. The flexibility to easily create and clone all types of games from an Amazing Race to a Global Scavenger Hunt as well as update them on the fly, moderate them, and export them are just some of the features team building professionals have enabled through great feedback.

Supporting Services

Social Scavenger enables great games. Team building games generally involve small groups working together to complete strategic and fun challenges in a race against fellow employees. Players get a chance to really know each other with a huge variety of challenges that can bring out the best in everyone. The same people who are great at solving riddles may not be the one to orchestrate the celebrity selfie. However simple or complex the game is built, it’s always easy for players. Engage our team to provide additional services such as moderation, judging, messaging, and summarizing game play.

Social Sharing
Post Activity

The fun doesn’t end just because your game did, right? During the game administrators can watch the live stream via an approvals area where they can award bonus points, reject challenges and communicate with teams via push notifications. The leaderboard can be easily 'turned off' at any time during the game ensuring the teams don't know who has won until you want them too. Content can be exported and turned into slide shows from the feed or with an export tool.


The Social Scavenger platform has 3 tiers for branding. Easily roll out a game on our platform with our branding, or inject your branding into our Apps, or create your own Apps that completely hide the Social Scavenger brand.

Social Scavenger Branding

Participants download, install and use the Social Scavenger app. They see standard icons, labels and colors.

Grey Label Branding

Participants download, install and use the Social Scavenger app. They see your custom icons, labels and colors.

White Label Branding
White Label

Participants download, install and use your app. They see your icons, labels and colors. There is no mention of Social Scavenger in their experience.

Past Team Building

Social Scavenger has been used by thousands of brands over the almost ten years we've been offering our platform and services.

Teresa Neil Strategy + Design

Team meetings abroad mean traveling to a new city, discovering the city, and learning cool things about your remote co-workers.

Coca Cola

Executive team building on a global retreat with a Mystery Hunt around London.


Team building with in town adventures.

Dr. Clue

Dr. Clue uses the Social Scavenger app to run adventures for clients like Google.

Platform Features

We are constantly adding to our leading feature set with the goal of bringing the best experience possible to players and our client partners. If you don't see your dream feature here, don't despair it may simply not be listed. If you have truly custom needs please reach out and let us know. We may have it in the works - or we may just be waiting for an excuse to bump it to the top of our list.

Social Scavenger App Stream
Live Streams

Inspire the competition to greater heights as everyone watches the game action unfold on the live stream. Easy to sort by teams or challenges, to sort the contenders from the pretenders.

Phone and Tablet
Tablet Support

Use iPads and other tablet devices to play your games, opening up even more ways for players to connect.

Social Scavenger App Rewards

Reward players with coupons, jokes, bonus clues or other positive achievements. Reward players based on game wide or challenge specific triggers.

Goals Custom programs mean engagements will connect directly to your program and goals.