About Us

Sometimes we wish our name wasn’t Social Scavenger.

The reason is simple - the platform we’ve built, and keep building, has evolved into something so much more robust and flexible than we first envisioned. Our clients now invent all kinds of unique and creative games that might not be Scavenger Hunts, but they sure look fun!

So whatever type of mobile engagement you are hunting for thanks for stopping by and we’d love to see if we can help you out.

Social Scavenger is the Social Mobile Gaming Platform.


Our team's mission is to facilitate mobile fun. To achieve that goal, we've built a platform called Social Scavenger that let’s you build all kinds of games, contests and activities. We offer it as a white label to big brands all the way down to a basic app for little Timmy’s birthday party. The common thread between all of our users is they are out to have fun, which means generating great content. Amazing content is not only a great memory but perfect for content marketing engagement.


We’re a fairly lean group of developers, designers, marketers and game makers. We specialize in facilitating fun. Our team has come from all over the world and we are always looking for new amazing people to join our team or become one of our white label partners. We love working with anybody from agencies to educators, as long as the goal is creating great engagements. We are always learning new things from our clients and getting great new ideas on what to build next.