A Global Virtual Team Building Adventure


The Snow Globe, and all its mysterious powers - have gone missing. Breaking into teams you'll track down 5 missing operatives around the world to save the day. But which team will come out on top? And who will take the funniest photos?


A fully hosted and facilitated unique group adventure.



"We love the creativity and teamwork that goes into all of"

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1 - Team Fun & Engagement

Your team will have fun. Full stop. We will be split your group into teams of ~6 to compete - solving puzzles, snapping photos, tracking down GPS coordinates and sharing their own travel moments.

2 - The Game

Teams will track down 5 operatives around the world, using our game software, wracking up points and trying to be the team who comes out on top. Our hosts and facilitators will help them along as will the hints they get along the way.

3 - The Winners

Yes - one team wins. But so does everyone, because we save a lot of fun for the game wrap up where we'll get to vote and most importantly see what other teams did to solve the mystery (unique photos, answers to questions) and much more. Most importantly we strive to ensure EVERY team finishes the game on time so it's a truly shared experience.


GROUP SIZE: 15 - 200

You can play with fewer, but you'll pay for 15. More than 200? Just ask - we'll run multiple rooms.

DURATION: 60 or 90 minutes (recommended)

THE HOSTS: 1 Host + Facilitator(s)
We set the stage, tell the story, help teams, and prepare the epic wrap-up. But we don't play for you!

SOFTWARE: No Downloads

Social Scavenger has its own proprietary web software, one person per team clicks the link!

A Unique Event - Run by



"Our team was engaged start to end. This game

managed to be a great ‘get to you know you

better’ game & epic competition all at once -

the highlight reel was as advertised - hilarious."

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  • Is this an escape game?

    No. Our host and facilitators will try to ensure that every team finishes - we are looking for shared experiences here and not teams who only get 50% of the way through the game.

  • Is this game competitive? Is it really hard?

    Absolutely competitive! Difficulty wise, all of our story based games feature puzzles that contain hints, that make each challenge easier. Of course - there is a catch - hints cost points. We'll keep teams moving by encouraging them to use hints as needed - but some teams are stubborn!

  • 90 minutes of game time?

    No, 90 minute event time but we also have a 60 minute version if you're strapped for time!

    We always make sure to have time together as a group at the end so that we can see what other teams did. And by "see", yes we mean sharing funny photos and answers to discussion challenges to really bring the team together.

  • How much work is this for me (the organizer) and can event organizers play?

    Your dedicated game producer will guide you seamlessly through anything we need for your event. If you are customizing it - it’s a bit more work, but always worth it. Our team makes this process very streamlined with easy samples, templates and yes - phone calls :)

    Yes - 100% you can play! Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team.

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