Who Kidnapped THE Your Boss

Your boss has been kidnapped. Your team has 59 minutes left to figure it out.

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Size: 20+
Time: 59 minutes
Location: Indoors (customized)
Cost: Starts at $40 pp.
When you need: Team BuildingTime ManagementCreativityTeam CohesionCompetitionIndoor Activity
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Who Kidnapped Your Boss

A whodunnit team building indoor game you can play anywhere.

Teams work together through a series of puzzles, riddles, trivia and immersive photo & video challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements that will help them to determine Who Kidnapped the Boss. Fun team challenges keep the game light hearted and entertaining while 'hints' ensure that teams never get stuck for too long on puzzles. What's the catch? Hints cost points. The winning team is the one who solves the mystery and has the most points. So teams will have to balance speed, hints, creativity and fun.

Customized Team Building to Your Team & Location

A whodunnit that inserts your company, culture and facts - right into the heart of the experience.

Who Kidnapped YOUR Boss? We will take your boss (or chosen Kidnapee), 5 co-workers (or suspects you'd like to flag), a series of facts about your company / group / industry and build them into the game! That means your own hilarious clue cards and suspect statements. When we include some of your own company facts, these can be fun and light hearted or reinforce key messages (or perhaps the reason you are all together).

But that's not all. We can include an immersive photos and video challenge that reflects your company culture, vision or mission. And why stop there? We have even inserted Chairman into the game to provide 'video clues' or other introductions. Customized to your liking or play our ready to go version.

What can be customized:

  • Suspects and Statement Cards
  • The person we seek
  • Custom logo
  • 2-5 trivia challenges about your group
  • 2-4 immersive photo & video challenges
  • Introductions
  • Localized with hidden QR codes (great if we want people moving around a resort, company office, conference center etc). The game can also be played in a single room.
Custom Cards
Suspect Statement Cards

Who is going to join YOUR list of suspects? Fun poses encouraged.

Custom Challenges
Custom Challenges

Trivia and mission challenges right through to introductions...by you. On a horse.

Custom Branding
Logo & More

Who Kidnapped Your Boss, themes can be adjusted but let's start here. Trivia Challenge: We are seeking background information on the company. What year was the super team venture launched? 2011, 2014, 2017, or 2018?

The Game Experience

Your group will be broken up into appropriate sized teams (~4 players per team), given a set of specific instructions and off they go. They have...

59 minutes... can your teams figure out who kidnapped (the boss) in time? Teams need to work the clock, the clues and satisfy the kidnapper to crack this case.

35 challenges... to complete ranging from puzzles, riddles and trivia to team photo and video challenges. Hints are available so teams don't get stuck. Challenges can be done purely 'at a table' or set to encourage teams to move around your venue.

Winners... will figure out who did it before time runs out - along with earning the most points. Hints may speed teams up - but they definitely cost points. Judges may award creativity points for challenges - another critical strategy to be the winning team.

Gameday is the best day. Your game details will have been worked out with your game producer. You may have selected to have it hosted by our team on the ground or simply access our virtual support teams. Your game producer will ensure everything is ready to roll.

How it Works

  • Break your group into teams of 4-6 people (smaller or larger teams are possible).
  • Teams work through a series of challenges. Puzzles, riddles, trivia and immersive photo / video challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements.
  • The countdown clock is ticking in the app...the classic game gives teams only 59 minutes (customizable to 45 and 75 minutes)
  • Once all suspect statements are collected teams try to figure out who is the kidnapper.
  • Back at HQ our judges are reviewing the immersive photo and video challenges to award bonus points for creativity and teamwork.
  • Stuck on a puzzle? Not in this game. Teams use the hint button to get out of a jam. The catch? Hints cost points - and you need points to win.
  • The winning team is the one who solves the mystery and has the most points. So teams will have to balance speed, hints, creativity and fun.

More Winning = More Fun = More Engagement

Did awarding bonus points sound like fun? Our judges not only award points for creativity but they send fun messages to the teams right inside the game. We often also pull 1-3 'best of' challenges that can earn their own prizes.


Each team needs to balance skill and management. When do you switch suspects? When do you use hints? Do you need more bonus points?


Play Anywhere. This game is portable and can be run in your office, at a retreat (hotel, resort) or a conference center.

Photo & Video Challenges
Immersive Photos & Videos

This game includes photo and video challenges - depending on your location and 'daring' level we are happy to increase the skill required to pull these off and earn major bonus points.

Who Kidnapped your Boss is generally low intensity but face paced. Teams can follow one of 5 suspect paths so groups will be working on different challenges.

The game takes into account your location. If you are staying at a resort that has a giant Connect 4 game or a Basketball "Shoot Off" - yes we are likely to work that into the experience if you desire. Why not take advantage of what is around you.

These games require teamwork in order to be successful as a wide range of challenge styles will look to leverage the entire team. It's also a great opportunity for those team members who are a little more reserved to push themselves out of their comfort zone to help take risks they wouldn't normally take.

While winning is what they seek - the game will have teams learn new things about one another and the company - all while having some group fun. We can even get teams 'facing off' in head to head challenges in your game to increase interactions.

Taking it Company Wide

We can go beyond your team and offer this custom game company wide. Why would you do that, when you just want a team building experience for your team!? Imagine the entire company has played your game - has completed the custom challenges about your mission and vision - has submitted hundreds or thousands of amazing photos and videos that feed into your sense of purpose? Have given you data on some things they don't know. Get in touch if you want to talk about a bigger vision.

Timed Games
Company Wide Game

A game could be set to run on a specific anniversary date or available 'all month' for teams to play as they see fit. A shared experience company wide.

Messages in Puzzles
Strategic initiatives

Custom challenges can support company initiatives and goals or just reinforce your main messages.

Group level customizations
Group Level Customizations

Once we have the company wide game it may be that different departments or locations want to input their own unique trivia challenges. We'll have plug and play opportunities.

Our challenges help foster 'Aha!' moments – those critical experiences that bring teams together by doing something they wouldn't get a chance to do in a typical corporate environment. Whether it's being prompted to share a story or a unique talent or take on a fun or hilarious challenge, we'll help facilitate experiences that get people talking and create genuine, unforgettable moments for your team.

Have your own ideas for team challenges? That's great! We can work with you to ensure they'll integrate effectively with the app. And if you need help brainstorming ideas, we can share some of our most popular and successful challenges that you can modify to suit the needs of your organization.

Premium Addons

Live Scoring and Judges

We watch. We judge. We award bonus points based on creativity and effort. Oh... and we send teams funny messages based on what we see happening.

Highlight Reels

At your activity, the highlight reel is always a hand-crafted hit and goes very well with an award ceremony or as a fun memento.

Video Crew

Add a team of videographers to tail around your participants. The mix of videos from the players with those from the crew makes for a great experience.

Personalized Challenges

Every challenge can be personalized. Get executives to introduce challenges with a video, integrate vision and mission statements, and test on company or group trivia from the past.


You use a new innovative ticketing system and need it to work with us right? We can tie our platform to other systems.


Unlock our library of challenges from past successful implementations. Search the library by tag, tap a button and it is now part of your game.

Custom Stickers

Branded, personalized or themed stickers can be created for you. Get players interacting with and producing photos of themselves with your logo, mascot or otherwise special sticker.

Live Actor
Live Actors

Our cosplay style actors are placed at special locations for your teams to track down... and once they do? The actor or actress will let you know. Only once teams successfully complete their mission will they be sent on their way.


Enter your private game code and POOF - magic. Your game can be fully branded for a company, individual or theme. Full branding means not just a logo, but terms, icons, custom areas and more.

Live Station
Live Stations

Find our hosts at a series of stations and discover what challenge awaits your team.

Program Development

Engage our game makers to understand your objectives and then work backwards to build the perfect game for your audience.

Custom Reporting

Analytics on your mind? Beyond our standard reporting we can work to develop custom reports based on your goals and desired outcomes.

Custom Boxes

Everyone wants to know what's in the box... but why ruin the surprise? We are happy to customize boxes for large events and a variety of themes.

Why Who Kidnapped Your Boss? Why Social Scavenger?

Our platform has delivered thousands of team building games all around the world. We know what challenges work and how to create impactful games. We also love customizing experiences as much or as little as our clients want - and that means you are getting exactly what you want.

Our app is great - but it's our customer service and attention to your game that sets us apart. We work with our customers to deliver the best possible experience, which is why our customers tend to come back year after year.

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