Social Scavenger

A better way to engage fans
for mobile

Embed the future of content engagement directly into your app or run a white label version. Our complete mobile gaming platform is flexible enough for a simple Augmented Reality (AR) Campaign or a complex Global Scavenger Hunt. Filled with AR, Video, Photo and Location Based Challenges, fans can earn points and unlock rewards all while creating usable content that’s streamed live to your web and mobile properties.

Our Solutions

  • Leading Edge Fan Engagement


    When the HEAT embedded Social Scavenger into their app they began an Augmented Reality Game with their audience like none other, one that would lead to 10,000+ photos, increased app downloads, social likes and more.

  • Gamifying iBeacons


    iBeacons are perfect for events, conferences, stadiums, museums and any indoor or wifi challenged venue - guide your audience and boost sponsor revenues.

  • Team Building - Mobile Games


    When ADP needed a fun and engaging team building solution they went mobile with Social Scavenger to map a city adventure that had teams working together and competing against each other in Video and Photo challenges.

  • White Label Social Scavenger

    platform guide

    Launch a branded version of our flexible challenge based platform to engage fans like never before. We work with clients to make your next mobile engagement one to remember.

  • Conventions and Conferences


    When the Romance team at Random House needed to really stand out and capture their convention audience, they worked with Social Scavenger to White Label an iPhone and Android solution, the Hunt for Romance.

  • Orientation for any Campus


    When Universities, Colleges or other Campus’ need a great orientation solution they use the Social Scavenger hosted solution to map out games that educate and orient all at once.

  • Amazing Mobile Races


    Build your own amazing mobile race across your city, country or conference hall - great for team building, campaigns and promotions.

  • Next Generation Scavenger Hunt


    Go mobile with your Scavenger Hunt - using Augmented Reality, live content streaming, gps, full gamification concepts and loads more features - perfect for local or global engagement!

  • Content Challenges


    Easy to launch content based campaigns with photo, video and Augmented Reality. Create - Launch and Approve challenges from mobile to web for total content engagement.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Wheel


    Get started with a branded AR campaign and unleash the creativity of your fans in this advanced photo booth style concept - great for campaigns or add ons!

We Understand

Amazing mobile content + your brand = real results. But you’re stuck. It’s too slow and costly to build a quality engagement app from scratch. Yet pushing fans to third-party sites for the ‘amazing’ part of the equation is diluting your brand. Social Scavenger puts you in the driver’s seat with a complete game management platform that let’s you unleash the fun and leverage your third-party social channels to do what they do best - spread the word!

  • Engagement is Content

    Browsing, sharing and creating content is our #1 pastime online. Get involved!

  • Games Engage

    A photo is a photo....until you add AR and unlock a reward. Games keep fans coming back.

  • Shareable Content is Key

    Fun challenges + unique features = branded content fans can actually share!

  • Content That Travels

    Content is streamed live to mobile app, a custom microsite and any of your web properties!

  • Self-Serve Admin Center

    Easy-to-use admin tool lets you build, edit, launch and manage solutions on the fly!

  • Multi-Sponsorship Opportunities

    From the app to challenges to AR, every single game element can include sponsorships.


  • Industry Spotlight - Sports


    Engage fans from the stadium to the sofa and everywhere in between all while activating sponsorships.

  • Are you an Agency?


    From promotions and launches to executive team building, check out the flexible ways your clients can use Social Scavenger.

  • Featured Client


    See how the Miami HEAT are engaging with fans