Professional admin tool

The admin center was built for big brands, so no matter who you are, we should have you covered. The flexibility to easily create all types of games from an Amazing Race to a Global Scavenger Hunt and update them on the fly, moderate, export and share the content are just some of the ways we try to make your life better.

Build Any Type of Game

Scavenger Hunt is the obvious game that comes to mind, but with 6 challenge types, GPS features, locking features, automated scoring and leaderboards you can get creative and build any type of game or contest you want. Treasure Hunts, Amazing Races, GPS Hunts, Photo Sticker Tours etc.

build game

Just a Few Ways we Enable Flexible Games

Location Based Challenges

Did you know you can lock any of your challenges to locations? That means your players can only perform the challenge when they arrive at the location of your choosing.

QR codes can also be used as a location based tool, ensuring your players not only get to a general area but find and interact with your QR code.

location challenges

Locking Challenges

Challenges can be locked, not just to GPS locations, but even to other challenges. This enables you to create bonus challenges or ensure challenges are done in a certain order.

locking challenges


Reward players with coupons, jokes, bonus clues or other positive achievements. Social Scavenger's multi-level reward system allows you to reward players based on game wide or challenge specific triggers. Reward them with bonus points on top of your scanable offer, location hint or any other creative gift.

reward challenges


Create your own mystery, give advantages, or set roadblocks. Add a riddle, unlock your story in steps, or add any other new dimension with clues that are hidden until challenges are successfully completed.

Really want to use clues but not sure how to best implement them? We've seen a game or two. Ask us for help.

clues challenges


One of our favourite challenge types, photo stickers, offers a huge opportunity to be extra creative. From production integration to a randomly hilarious cat head, sticker challenges always create classic results.

augmented reality

Moderate Content from Any Device

Public game? Private Game? It doesn’t matter you always have the ability to moderate the content that shows up in your game. You can do this before or after the fact, depending on the control you want to have over your game content and brand impact.

Moderating content can happen from the approval center online using any computer or mobile device or do it right from your email.

Push notifications
As an added bit of fun you can even send custom notifications to players when you reject the content letting them know why!

moderate content

Sharing Content Easily Anytime

Generating amazing content is half the battle, the other half of course is enjoying that content. You have many options when it comes to getting the content out to the world.

Social Sharing - players are prompted throughout the game to share the content via Social Networks or email. On top of that the content is saved to their device so they can share at anytime.

Live Streams - show only the content you want, anywhere you want. Live streams are portable with the use of widgets to put on a promo or any other site of your choosing.

Export Content - one click and you get a zip file with all of your content. Great to peruse through later for mashups and highlight reels.

augmented reality

More Features

Automated Scoring

Assign a value to each challenge and let the leaderboard take care of itself.

Flexible Scoring

Want to make points worth ‘up to’ a certain value? Go for it, judge content as it comes in.

Real-time Game Management

Did it start to rain or you want to add a new challenge mid game? No problem.

Share Anywhere Widgets

You’ll have access to dedicated pages and widgets that let you share the leaderboard and live stream anywhere online - from your blog or website to facebook.

Offline Mode

Sending your players underground? They can still complete challenges in offline mode.

Private Games

Hide games and live streams behind passwords if you want.

Social Sign in

Players can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Ban Teams

Got a douche on your hands? Head to the admin center and ban them from the game.

Multiple Administrators

Have one or many administrators, it’s up to you.

View Teams Info

Track down players email or social IDs to reach out to them later.

Map Privacy

Choose to hide the maps that come with each challenge for ultimate privacy.

Timed Games

Give players a set amount of time to complete their game, then choose to accept or reject late submissions.

Embed HTML

Plop a youtube video (or other html) directly into a challenge description.