Social Scavenger App

Time for some fun. Engage your fans, clients, students or friends with any type of challenge based game. Social Scavenger platform is the perfect out of the box solution for your mobile gaming needs. Used by professionals (campaigns, contests, team building) and individuals (birthdays, classrooms, stag parties, work) our flexible pricing approach makes it a great fit for any sized event.

What is the Social Scavenger Platform?

It’s a magical place! You build a game, the content is streamed live and everything is auto-scored. It’s an awesome event in a box. As the owner you also have a powerful admin tool that let’s you set up a diverse range of engagements and games and moderate them in real-time (or not). It’s in the app-store, ready to go - let’s do this thing.


Why People Use Social Scavenger

An amazing experience at a fraction of the cost! This complete solution is ready to go right now. Give us a call and we’ll get you set up or build your own test games. It’s fast and feature packed, ready to go right now.

What You Get:

  • Leaderboards, Automated Scoring, Live Streaming

  • Native iPhone and Android apps and/or a Mobile Web version (build the game once)

  • Microsite used to build and moderate all campaigns and games

  • Hosting on world leading Amazon Web Services

  • User guide to help you build games and use unique features

You have access to a huge feature set from stickers to GPS challenges that makes running an event and the after party a complete snap!

How Do We Get There?

Ready? Tell us about your event and we’ll get you setup the same day. You can build your game as fast or as slowly as you would like. We can talk marketing, promotion or commonly done challenges. Basically it’s ready to go when you are, so get in touch.

What Does It Cost?

Our pricing is based on a few factors. The size, duration and timelines of your campaign. The good news is we can quickly evaluate your needs and turn around pricing in the same day. Educators may also receive a special Educational discount.


Team Building Mobile Adventures


of Forbes Global 2000 companies will use gamification to boost their employee engagement and increase retention. Build an exciting team based hunt locally or nationally.

Orientation Programs


of challenges were completed when SJU refactored the typical campus orientation and turned in into a discovery scavenger hunt using the Social Scavenger platform.

Location Based Mobile Experiences


ways you can use location in your next Social Scavenger engagement, QR Codes, GPS and soon Beacons. Convention and Conference centers, museums and venues galore!