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Case Study: Sponsorship Activation

Activating Sponsorship with Photos

When you attend an event, convention or a long-running festivals, it’s always the same old drill when it comes to sponsorship presence. Banners put up, branded swag, and no doubt signage everywhere – nothing out of the ordinary. Nowadays attendees just gloss over and become desensitized by these efforts. There’s so much visual chaos, and no direct way of engaging with users. But there’s one thing for certain, attendees will be on their phones, snapping pictures and texting their friends. The Social Scavenger app allows you to build a relationship with your users- a fun platform for you to reach out to fans, and in return, enable your fans create all kinds of user generated content for you. A match made in heaven!

Check out this Case Study of a recent Client who used mobile games to activate their sponsorship!

Do not Neglect Your Fans!

There’s a horrible, horrible trend occurring where brands are leaving their fans unattended and alone. Trust us when we say we’re not fans of this kind of behaviour. Many companies are missing huge opportunities to engage with their users at events and festivals. Attendees who voluntarily come to events looking to know a little more about the event, your brand and their community. Acknowledge your users through the use of social engagement across different devices. Letting your users become involved in your brand development makes them feel appreciated and enforces brand loyalty. In fact, according to a study by comScore, brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product video.

A Unique Mobile Solution is the way to Effective Engagement

Delivering your engagement through mobile offerings has quickly become the expectation of your fans. Their smartphone is a single device that your users are already so familiar with. Your fans already know what apps they like, what reasons they use it, how they communicate, the filters they like, and the list goes on. Breaking through their regimen with a refreshing mobile campaign is just the solution to infuse your brand. Optimize their sponsorship experience through their device, which will also let you measure direct success and results. Integrating gamification into your sponsorship campaign is an easy and efficient way to launch your content strategy across all communication platforms. The Social Scavenger app also lets users sync with their social media and post content they’ve created through your scavenger hunt game. An effortless way to stimulate online word-of-mouth and secure brand awareness. This opportunity complements Market Force’s claim that 81% of consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media, a win for your brand. Not to mention, the app lets you extract user generated content to be completely utilized by your brand through many different ways.

How Social Scavenger does it differently

Okay, maybe you have an ad or two through mobile- but that’s not going to cut it. Integrate your brand and the experience into one cohesive solution- a gamification solution. Engross your fans with your brand and brand characteristics weaved throughout the campaign. Brand activation that will ensure that your sponsorship will not be forgotten. The Social Scavenger app offers challenges 6 challenge types and loads of features.  Challenges such as Augmented Reality, allows brands to upload any graphic or imagery that can then be appended to pictures (think Digital Sticker). Or Trivia, a multiple choice-based challenge that gives you the freedom to ask and provide any question to users for fun and education. We tie the whole campaign together by offering exclusive features such as challenge locks and mass communication blasts, customization tools such as time restrictions and GPS locks- to make sure your brand’s scavenger hunt, amazing race, treasure hunt or any type of game is succinctly yours.

While the concept of mobile sponsorship is not something unheard of, it is a new and unused approach to connecting your brand with your audience. A way to enhance the experience of something they habitually interact with daily.


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