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Post-Experiential Campaign: What to do after Your Scavenger Hunt is Completed?

Your scavenger hunt is completed, fulfilled, over, finito, accomplished, donezo. Your users had a memorable experience, and relationships are stronger than ever because of your amazing gamification techniques… Now what?

Time to Showcase Your User Generated Content

Who said the fun is over when the game ends? Share and showcase what teams and users were up to during your mobile adventure game, be it a scavenger hunt, amazing race or whatever unique game you ran. It’s nice to recap your game, and highlight the accomplishments that were worth acknowledging.

What are some Methods I can use to Display my Game’s Content?

Did you know players can still be involved with your game, even after they’re done playing? There are many out-of-the-box sharing options your players can still experience the after-game, such as:

Live Stream:

Your game was streamed live for your viewing pleasure before and after your scavenger hunt. At a bar with TV’s, a conference centre with projectors, or just gathered around a few iPads- you can connect your game through a wifi and project your game for everyone to view.

Sorting Challenges:

You might not want to look through every challenge, but want to focus on some of the more fun challenges. The Live Stream enables you to sort by challenge type so you can whip through the best of the best.

Exporting Content:

Want to share the photos and videos with players from the game? The game admin can export content at the end of the game with one click. Check out our blog post on what you can do with user generated content!

Highlight Accomplishments

Not only will the Leaderboard give players a sneak peek at how their peers are doing, it may even act as an incentive to place first in the running. After the game is completed, it’s an opportunity to spotlight the teams or players who really excelled and produced amazing content. Time to reward the players who went above and beyond in completing their challenges.

How can this benefit my Campaign?

Laughing and enjoying recapped content that your users have made, allows your players to reflect on the fun they had – and based on your challenges – lessons they may have learned. All the photos and videos they took offer many takeaways from your scavenger hunt. Creating awesome content is an experience of its own. But with the content at your fingertips, you pretty much owe it to your players by wrapping everything up with a nice little bow and giving it back to them.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about getting your own mobile adventure started today. From scavenger hunts to amazing races, we offer custom and white label solutions for you!

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