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Chuggin’ Contest: User Generated Video Content

Take a common challenge like chugging and turn it into an amazing race win! It just goes to show that you can take any activity and turn it into something fun and memorable. It may seem silly and humorous to do at first, but once the footage is captured through photo or video, it’ll become a fun experience to watch with an audience. Here we’re featuring some hilarious attempts from our Social Scavengers downing a beverage in record time- all captured through our in-app video camera!

Add Silliness to your mobile challenges: bring down walls and bind friendships

When people get a little vulnerable with each other, it’s an open opportunity for friendships to develop. Guaranteed laughter from unique challenges to bring your teammates together. People are more willing to complete tasks for the sake of fulfilling a challenge, especially for their team. Challenges like chugging a beverage, talking to strangers, or showcasing hidden talents may seem awkward and unfamiliar at first, but strengthen your team’s core through some much needed fun payoff through laughter. Project that sucker onto a bigger screen and enjoy your videos with your whole team. You can also check out our other post on some ideas and activities you can do after your scavenger hunt is completed. It’s a nice way to come together and wrap up your day-long adventure. So get creative, and get scheming!

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