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Most Read Posts of 2014

If you haven’t had the chance to catch up on our other blogposts, you can always check out our scavenger hunt-related posts here. There you’ll find helpful hints, content features, how-tos and everything in between to enhance your scavenger hunt experience- so be sure to take a gander through those!

With no apocalypse in sight, we bid farewell to 2014, and embrace another adventurous 2015 year! We’ve experienced the Ice Bucket Challenge, shared the ultimate epic selfie, and watched the most face-palm-inducing Wheel of Fortune fail. Here in Social Scavenger world, we’ve experienced out-of-this-world user generated content, to cringeworthy videos, and countless golden photos (and that’s just to name a few)- it’s safe to say that we’ve had a jam packed, eventful year. So here we recap what an amazing year we’ve had, Social Scavenger presents to you, our top 10 most helpful posts of 2014 (of course in no particular order.)

10. Is the White Label App Better for You? The Difference between the Two Platforms:


FI: White Label App

You may have approached us with a set plan and goal in mind; but for those inquiring us with a blank slate, you might’ve faced some challenges when determining which platform to go with for your scavenging needs. That’s why we felt it’s necessary to have a post to help you decide which app platform is best for you and your unique scavenger hunt needs. This post covers all the differences between the two available platforms, and the advantages of choosing one option over the other. And if this didn’t answer your question, you’re always free to shoot us a message too 😉

9. So much Useful User Content, so little knowledge on what to do with them:

Moderating ContentHow to moderate your user generated content all in one. An opportune option a lot of clients are unaware of when getting on board with us. Any user generated content that users submit while playing the game, moderators are free to exploit and control. This post roams in conjunction to our post on how to effectively judge user generated content. Both posts touch upon how the Live Stream works, and how to efficiently make the best of submitted user generated content from your players. We see campaigns all about favouritism and contests based on the most likes; we’ve realized that’s not always the best option to discovering the most genuine content. Visit both posts and decide for yourself.

8. Adding Gamification to Your Scavenger Hunt:

Feature Image: Gamification

Are you aware of the term gamification? No? Gamification is a new trend that is taking over campaigns across the nation. It’s a new way to motivate and engage with users through a new platform. It’s a way to connect with fans and reward them for their loyalty and effort. And that’s exactly what the folks at Social Scavenger is all about. Our post on gamification, covers all the benefits of utilizing this new way into your own experiential mobile campaign. Enlighten yourself on the power of gamification here!

7. Mobile Ideas to Kickstart Your next Experiential Mobile Campaign:

Mobile Campaign Feature Image

Did the previous post on the introduction of gamification catch your eye? This post we did a while back on amazing ideas to add an experiential experience to your mobile campaign can be found here. With challenge feature examples, previous client cases, and tips on how to broaden the experience (no matter what your brand’s needs are,) incorporating an experiential layer will surely enhance your campaign. Endless opportunities and unlimited challenges to connect with your fans, you’re sure to find something in this inspiring post.

6. Activate Your Brand’s Sponsorship Presence at Events:

FI: Sponsorship ActivationHave an sponsorship event coming up? With the holidays coming at you left and right, there are so many opportunities to engage with attendees at big events. The problem is, it’s hard to decipher the best way to approach them to create a lasting impression. With big signs here, and activities there, how can your brand possibly break through all that social clutter? Our post on sponsorship activation, covers how you can create a meaningful way of engagement and have your brand stand out amongst others. Does that appeal to you? Then what’re you waiting for, quickly head over to this post!

5. Watch out! Make way for Social Scavenger’s User Generated Content:

Content Catchup: High Five

Then we decided to be generous and share some of the awesome user generated content we came across (it was much too good not to share with you guys.) It gave us an insight on the types of challenges people like to play, and the unique ways people approach to complete them. We thought it would be fun to add some music and piece them together in a video collage. But the big secret is, were you aware that you can also do this with your user generated content? In fact, our post on what you can do after your scavenger adventure is completed gives you the scope on the helpful hints and ways you can exploit all those funny pictures and videos your players took. We also do a weekly round up of the best content our Scavengers made, so keep your eyes peeled. In the past we’ve shown you the best team challenge high fives, video captured leap frog challenges , and scavenger players who really know how to accept a chugging challenge– stay tuned for more!

4. How can You make the best use of Player Captured Videos? Getting Your Videos to go Viral:

User Generated Video Content

2014 was the year of viral videos and trending challenges. With the plethora of viral videos that exist on Youtube, we thought it’s only fitting to share how you can get on board too. This post on how you can get awesome user generated content for your campaign, is all about saying no to yawn-producing lethargic videos, and yes to creating cool and entertaining content. How can you protect your brand with the video challenge feature? Or how can you use this feature to launch your brand? Read all about the Video challenge feature, and find out how you can let your players play director in their amazing race.

3. Holiday Office Party Planning. Guaranteed easier than it sounds:

FI: Holiday Party Planning

Three words: For some, they may run the opposite direction upon hearing these words; but when you make your own holiday-themed amazing race this year, it’ll be the end-of-the-year function that everyone will look forward to. Planning is easier than it sounds, and this post will show you how you can make your holiday office party planning a breeze, and something the whole office can enjoy. Make this year the best it can be, and reward everyone at the office with a fun team challenge. With features at your fingertips, all your players will have to do is open up the app on their phone to get playing. Unite everyone at the office and make your own memorable experience! Because seriously, who else was jealous when The Office made their very own coordinated lip dub?

2. Create Your very own Augmented Reality Stickers to use in Your Own Game

Feature Image: AR ChallengeYou don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make your own DIY mobile stickers. This quick tutorial post gives you the scoop on how to make your own stickers, and how do add it to your AR challenge. That means you can add your own images (whether it be your brand’s logo, a silly character, words, icons) to your challenge, so it pops up in the camera when players open up the camera in the app. You’re given the freedom to really take charge of your own scavenger hunt. Of course if you’re feeling lazy, we can create stickers for you, or you can peel through our pre-made augmented reality sample packs to see what works for your amazing adventure.

1. Last, but certainly not least, what to do after Your Scavenger Hunt is completed, all the opportunities that come with it:

Feature Image: Post GameWhen players finish with their scavenger hunt, they think the fun is all over and just call it a day. Well those people clearly didn’t read our post on the branding opportunities that come after your scavenger hunt is completed. Make use of all the fun content that everyone’s produced, and share it with the rest of the teams! Sure players could always check the Live Stream for up-to-date submitted content, but project the best content onto a bigger screen, and you got yourself a fun movie night! In here you’ll find the reasons why you should display your game’s user generated content, and the most effective ways in doing so.

And there you have it! We say goodbye to another year full of amazing races, and sensational scavenger hunts. We invite you to take stroll down memory lane at our past posts with solutions to your gamification needs. We look forward to 2015 with more new exciting features headed your way. For your last minute scavengering needs, or considerable future prospects, drop us a line– we’d love to hear from you!

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