How to Scavenger Hunt Team Building

Easy Guide to Joining Your Scavenger Hunt

What’s a team?  Once in a while we get asked  a few questions about the definition of a team and how you join the app and play your Scavenger Hunt if you are  solo or with a group of people.  The PDF here has a quick and easy guide that you can share with your players or use yourself prior to an event to make sure you can join your game and understand teams.

Social Scavenger – Quick Guide for Players

But really, what’s a team?

A team is whatever you want it to be!  A team can be an individual.  Maybe you are at a conference and you are playing a game as an individual.  Just download the app, join your game and when asked your team name and photo…well it’s you.

Traditional Teams

The majority of games probably feature the more traditional team model.  Let’s say our game has 30 players who know each other or we want to know each other.  Split them into groups of anywhere from 3-10 (teams of 4 are ideal).  Now each team needs only one device to the join the game.  So crack out the latest iPhone 6s (why not), download the app, join your game and enter your ‘team name’ and ‘team selfie’ as the group.

What if other people on my team want the app on their phone?

If you really want another device connected to the game or if a phone battery dies, you can download the app on another teammates phone and join the game.  The trick is to sign in using the same credentials.  So if you plan on doing this, you should likely sign up to an account using an email password that everyone can share (vs say Facebook where you might not want to sign in on another players device).  Now you can download the app and sign in using the same credentials.  When you join the game you won’t be asked for team name or team photo because those have already been taken care of.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions on how to join and get going in your Scavenger Hunt or use the quick guide to help your players as required.

Social Scavenger – Quick Guide for Players

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