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Adding Bonus Points Heats Up Your Scavenger Hunt

Tired of getting the same 10 points as Billy even though your photo was way better than his?  Look no further than this quick guide on how you can award bonus points in your next Scavenger Hunt.

Why bonus points?

You likely don’t want to have to score every single submission in your game.  We know that.  You know that.  Social Scavenger makes it easy for you to score just the winner after your event so you can ensure they didn’t cheat.  However, what if you want to bring some subjectivity into just certain challenges?  You can’t have a ‘biggest human pyramid’ or ‘largest simultaneous group hug’ unless you are willing and have the tools to make it happen.

Subjective challenges break ties and turn up the heat

It’s not that people don’t try in a Scavenger Hunt.  But if my challenge is to get a group hug, I probably won’t spend too much time getting more than 2 people together.  If however, there are 50 bonus points for the ‘biggest’ group hug.  Well now I’ve got a decision to make.  Do I spend the time finding a bigger group?  Is it worth the points?  Ack – the stress!  And that’s the fun.  Even more awesome challenge submissions and more fun for your players.

Quick Guide on Bonus Points

Check out this quick guide Social Scavenger – Bonus Points and Scoring Games.  Test it out then apply it to your next mobile Scavenger Hunt!

Have fun.

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