Team Building

Engaging Team Games for Interns, Summer Students, or New Hires

Are you looking for new ways to engage your interns, summer students, residents, or any new company members? With National Intern Day coming up on July 25th, it's the perfect opportunity to make your new hires feel welcome and integrated.

But as you know, integrating new team members into your company can be challenging. This is why Social Scavenger offers a variety of customized team games, both virtual and in-person, designed to foster connections and integrate new team members into your company culture, to their new co-workers, and perhaps even the office or surrounding area.

We offer the flexibility to tailor these experiences to align with your specific objectives, enabling you to benefit from our popular activities while addressing your unique goals and messaging.

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Why Choose Social Scavenger?

  • Customized Experiences: Each game offers customization opportunities for your culture, needs, and goals
  • Diverse Game Options: There is something for every preference, from scavenger hunts to themed challenges.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy to set up and participate, ensuring a smooth experience for all team members.

Games To Engage Your New Team Members

These experiences are crafted to be fun, engaging, and memorable, helping new hires feel welcome and part of the team from day one. We offer ready-to-go connecting games that can be tailored to your message, culture, and location. Looking for a virtual event? We have a wide variety of virtual options as well.

Ultimate Scavenger Hunt

For new hires gathering at the office, the Ultimate Scavenger Hunt offers a dynamic way to explore and learn about the area. This game showcases fun and exciting local attractions and activities, and it can be customized to fit any location, ensuring a unique and engaging experience for everyone involved.

Who Kidnapped The Boss?!

Introduce senior team members in a memorable way with our popular whodunnit game, "Who Kidnapped The Boss?!". This interactive mystery can be set up either in the city or around the office, making senior staff the main characters and providing a fun, engaging way for new hires to meet them.

Choose Wisely

Put your interns and students to the test with "Choose Wisely," a game that presents a series of decision points requiring group consensus. This activity is designed to highlight team dynamics and decision-making skills, fostering collaboration and critical thinking among participants.

Great Scott

Travel back to the 80s with "Great Scott," a themed challenge perfect for team-building. Despite many participants being born in later decades, they'll enjoy tackling 80s-themed tasks that test their creativity and problem-solving skills, while also giving a nod to the culture and trends of the past.

How It Works

  1. Select Your Game: Choose from a variety of exciting games tailored to your team’s preferences.
  2. Pre-Game Briefing: Receive detailed instructions and guidance from Social Scavenger’s game designers.
  3. Engage in Activities: Participate in various challenges and tasks through the Social Scavenger app.
  4. Celebrate Success: Review the results, photos, and videos, and see which team scores the highest.

Ready to engage your new hires? Contact Social Scavenger to customize your team games and make your new team members feel welcome and integrated from the start.

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