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Last-minute Summer Team Building Ideas for Your Team

Summer is here! If you're looking for last-minute team building ideas, we've got you covered. Here are four simple and exciting team building activities that you can plan with us quickly and easily.

Idea 1: A Fun Adventure Out in the City

Summer can be a great time for walking around and basking in the summer heat (bring water and pop into stores as you go to cool off)! In our city adventures, we’ll give you a flexible and very walkable ‘game zone’ so you can start and end at the locations of your choosing - i.e. ending at a lovely patio to enjoy a drink and snacks as your team revels in the fun game they just played. Winners can brag and everyone can check out all of the photos and videos in real time.

Idea 2: Head to the Park!

Parks are a great gathering area for many reasons, they can be convenient to your location, you can book a shaded area and it’s just nice to be out in some green space out of the city. But what are you going to do?

That’s where we come in as we’ll transform your park into a game zone. Our challenge-based park games are adaptable. Whether in Central Park, Piedmont Park, or your local simple park, we customize the adventure to fit your team’s needs.


Idea 3: Stay at the Office

What’s great about the office is you are already there! No travel, no extra budget, order in food and drinks, etc. We can turn your office into a dynamic game zone with our indoor office team games.

You’ll plaster our themed QR codes around the office which are used to unlock pieces of the game - like our hit pop culture-themed game Great Scott! From strategic puzzles to lighthearted video challenge fun, these activities are designed to fit any office setting and can be tailored for both small spaces and huge campuses.

Idea 4: Take it to the Malls!

Ah sweet sweet air conditioning but out of the office. We transform your local mall into a competitive playground with our mall hunt adventures. Teams will compete in unique challenges like riding escalators Buddy the elf style, posing as mannequins, rocking the food court challenges and a series of challenges that promise a blend of strategy and laughter as teams race to victory.


Ready to Plan?

These last-minute team building ideas are easy to organize and perfect for a quick team building event this summer. Whether you're exploring a city, enjoying nature in a park, playing games in the office, or engaging in a mall hunt, these activities are sure to make your team’s summer more FUN.

Ready to plan your next team building event? Email us to book a call and we can discuss how to make this summer memorable for your team. Click below to start organizing your event now.

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