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Go for the gold with the Virtual Scavenger Hunt Olympic Games

So the Paris Olympics might be a couple years away but you can still keep that competitive spirit alive with our one-of-a-kind virtual Olympic-themed team-building game. 

Editors note: What’s that, you are back in person? Ask about our city olympics programs!

We take our super popular scavenger hunt from home and combine it with the best parts of the world’s most famous international sporting event to create a team-building experience like no other. 

Creating A Golden Virtual Event

You’ll work with our game producer to develop a truly epic Olympiad for your team!

For a customized experience, we’ve got tons of options. We can tailor the event to specific themes and corporate messaging (team building and training, anyone?). Plus, we can custom brand all game backgrounds, decks and videos. You can even record your own video intros from the leadership team to surprise your players. 

Whether you pick an out-of-the-box solution or create your own customized event, our game producer will work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. 

Start Planning Your Event

Let The Virtual Olympic Games Begin! 

From inspiring opening ceremonies, to torch relays and flag bearers, we’ll launch these Olympic games in style!

Then your team will compete in our unique and fun challenges. But what kind of Olympic events can you  virtual teams participate in from home? We’ll still keep them together for a great team event, here are a few examples: 

The 4×100 

No. You won’t be running down the street for 100 meters then back home. That’s another game. This game is designed to be played together in teams on screen remember!? But you’ll have to Pass the “baton” as quickly and accurately as you can to all team members – to see if you can best the rest in this classic video challenge.  

High Stack Jump

Remember, no actual physical crazy injury style activities here. This one is guaranteed to bring the LOLs, you’ll create a high obstacle for other teams to clear. And you’ll watch it all happen over Zoom. 


Which team can create the most creative torch…that assembles by stacking their screens?? Put your creativity to the test.   

Trivia & Riddles

Brain training is important too! You’ll check photos for clues to riddles and tackle our brain-teasing Olympic themed trivia questions. 

That’s just a sample of some of our Olympic challenges. We can also work with you to create custom challenges that are tailor-made for your business. 

Closing Ceremonies 

Playing the game is a blast, but the fun doesn’t stop when we bring the groups back to the main room. Now it’s time for a media show, bonus round voting and of course the winners’ ceremony. The best part: every player leaves with a souvenir poster to remember that time they were a true Olympic athlete! 

Is your team ready to compete? Let’s get started. Connect with one of our game producers to see how we can create an unforgettable Summer Olympic Games for your organization. 

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