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The Big Escape: Can your team pull off the most epic casino heist?

Everyone loves a good casino heist. I mean, why do you think they made so many of those Ocean’s 11 movies? 

But do you think YOUR TEAM has what it takes to pull one off?

Check out our newest virtual game: The Big Escape

Big Al is a casino kingpin that has wronged a lot of people. And he needs to pay – big time. 

The Big Escape is an epic team game hosted by Social Scavenger that sees you try and take down this crooked casino boss once and for all. 

You’ll work with casino locals – like Miss Diversion, Wheels, Flash, Dinah Mite and more – to plan the most epic casino heist. You’ll solve riddles and puzzles to devise the perfect takeover. If you pull it off, you’ll reap the rewards with a bag of cash and a big old party! 

This 90-minute casino heist is part of our escape-style game series and is the perfect experience for competitive teams who love working together and solving problems. 

This virtual experience is normally played in breakout rooms with 4-8 members per team (with 200 total players max per session). If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to our professionally hosted games, consider our new self-hosted game option, which could save you up to 60% compared to the pro-hosted version. Get in touch with a producer today to find out more. 

So don’t wait – book The Big Escape today!

By socialscavenger