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Great Scott: A Virtual Back to the Future Experience Like No Other

If you’re a hardcore BTTF fan (or if you *love* pop culture and solving puzzles), then my friend, have we got a virtual experience for you! 

Great Scott! A Team Adventure Through Time is an exclusive virtual game from Social Scavenger that takes all the best parts of this beloved ‘80s classic and reimagines them in a super fun escape-style game. 

In this epic retro adventure, that big jerk Biff has gotten ahold of the Delorean and is wreaking total havoc on the space/time continuum. 

In order to save the day, your team must travel back through time (just like Marty McFly himself) to rescue pop culture as we know it. You’ll go back through the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s and ‘10s to decode puzzles, crack codes and submit photos and videos that may just stop Biff from destroying the world. 

Check out our virtual game: Great Scott! A Team Adventure Through Time

This 90-minute virtual escape through time is best for teams of 4-8 members (with 150 players max). 

It’s a great virtual event for competitive teams and while it’s not required, extensive pop culture knowledge will definitely add to the fun. This game is an instant classic that waxes majorly nostalgic. 

And the cherry on top? We’ve got a special intro from Doc Brown himself! So don’t delay – book your amazing Great Scott! team game today.

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