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Introducing The Feud: The ultimate virtual head to head team game

And the survey says! This virtual team game is totally bananas. The Feud is the newest experience from Social Scavenger and is based on that classic ‘90s game show we all loved – and it’s a crowd-pleaser to boot! 

If you love competition (and defeating your co-workers), this game is for you. This epic ‘team vs. team’ virtual experience takes the best parts of this beloved game show and turns them into an online company battle royale. From giant ‘X’ strikes to the chance to steal the other team’s points, this game is guaranteed to have you “feuding” with your colleagues like never before. 

We asked 100 people to name something that’s better than a Zoom meeting

The Feud can be played company-wide but it’s ideal for small groups (from 8-20 participants) or even for client events. Larger teams can still play, but members will be assigned various time slots, so when you aren’t playing, you’ll get to watch your colleagues duke it out! 

Want to see highlights from the game or have something to kick off that company-wide meeting or event? We’ll film the whole competition so you can re-watch those tense and hilarious moments and share them with the rest of your organization.

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So how does it work?

If you’ve watched this TV showdown before, then you already know how to play! 

This 30 or 60-minute virtual team building activity follows the same format – but all the questions are obviously Safe For Work (SFW). A member of each team will come to the podium, and when they know the answer, they hit the buzzer (and, bonus, you get to make your own buzzer sound!). 

You’ll get to enjoy all the classic features of the game like the giant ‘XXX’ board, crowd sounds, cheering and more. You’ll even have a trained host who will, of course, deadpan any of the terrible answers given under pressure. 

Both teams get a chance to play (so no team is sitting around watching) and the final ‘Fast Money’ round can be played by both teams or the leading team – the choice is yours. 

Next-level personalization with custom surveys

Want to go beyond what 100 average people said? We’ll put together a survey customized for your company and tally the results to turn this into The Company Feud game of your dreams. You can also use our standard game and add in funny questions about your product and service too. The options are endless.  

Let’s play The Feud! 

Want to learn more, or ready to sign up your team for the ultimate company showdown? Check out our game page or get in touch with a producer to book your game today.

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