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How to Build a Scavenger Hunt: Video Tutorials

More helpful than this ab enhancer, our never-before-seen visual video tutorials for when you need a little assistance in creating and playing your next Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt, Amazing Race or whatever you want to play!

I’ve created my scavenger game, but I don’t know what to do next. Help!

The Social Scavenger FAQ only took you so far, you’ve read through our blog posts and couldn’t find post on your issue, and you still have a few burning questions even after reading the Social Scavenger How-to Guide? Well wipe that sweat off your brow- get watching and get learning! Helpful video guides will give you a one-on-one walkthrough from both the front and back end of the app. Moderator to modules, prepping and playing, Social Scavenger’s Youtube account is your golden vault in getting you out of those sticky messes.

What are some guides I can expect from Social Scavenger’s video tutorials?

Well aside from the few floating helpful posts here, you can now expect some interactive video guides on the following topics:

Here’s a thorough breakdown (about, 95% according to Warren) of the Social Scavenger app:

Or how do Beacon Challenges work?:

Why don’t you start by creating your own sample social scavenger hunt? Or take a whack at the brand new mobile version of the Social Scavenger App?
Then contact us at to get your scavenger hunt launched today!

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