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Unlocking Clues & Rewards: Where your mobile Scavenger Hunt goes all Amazing Race and Survivor like

Mobile Scavenger Hunts & Amazing Races.

Life just got even easier to rock your next mobile Amazing Race or Scavenger Hunt around a park, city, country or planet really…all from the luxury of mission control (i.e. wherever you are).

Unlocking Clues – Amazing Race Style

It turns out a lot of people like to recreate Amazing Races when using the Social Scavenger Hunt Builder to create their mobile adventure.  You have always found ways to get the job done – great job.  Our job is to make it easier for you, so we did with a Rewards and Clues dedicated area of the app.

How do I build my Amazing Race Game with Clues?

The Easy Way:  When you create a challenge you now have the option to add a ‘Reward or Clue’.  Click on the last icon (looks like a gift) and all you need to do is

  • add a Title
  • add a Description (give it a little context)
  • upload the reward as an image
It's easy to add clues and rewards to any challenge
It’s easy to add clues and rewards to any challenge












Hot Scavenger Hunt Tip:  When you are creating a challenge with a Reward don’t forget to tell your players to get that little bit of extra focus and creativity.


How do my players access their Clues and Rewards?

On the main menu you will now see a section called Rewards and Clues.  Users can access everything from this one location.  You can also click through to each team via the leaderboard, then select their team name and get access to clues and rewards earned.

Accessing Rewards and Clues directly from the main menu
Accessing Rewards and Clues directly from the main menu


















How Do Scavenger Hunt Masters Use Clues?

We meet a lot of Scavenger Hunt Masters, not to mention Amazing Race Builders, Survivor Junkies, Treasure Hunters and Geo Cachers.  The one thing this group rarely lacks is creativity.

But just a few ways you can use clues:

  • Unlock a series of clues throughout the game – that gradually provide more direct clues to a hidden item.  Your teams now have a shot at finding a bonus idol or prize that can make the difference between winning or losing.
  • Unlocking visual images to  show people where to go next.  Not everybody wants to use the GPS and Map features  but rather force users to figure things out with a clue.  These can be a combination of written and imagery clues.
  • Puzzles:  unlocking images that are each an individual piece of puzzles all on their own.  There are thousands of puzzle games that can easily be integrated now that you can offer up the pieces.  Especially fun when only having 3 out of 4 pieces will point to a false answer or ending point.

Unlimited options:  We aren’t going to limit what you can do with clues – let your mind run wild.  For those of you already using clues enjoy and let us know how it goes.  For those of you new to this concept – just start with one easy one.  You could even just give them a simple reward.

Immunity Idols in Scavenger Hunts


Can I award bonus points or awards after a combo of challenges?

Yes!  There is a new section in your Scavenger Hunt game builder called “Combo Rewards” – more on that soon, but feel free to go build your game right now and test it out yourself!  We’ll have an upcoming post on that – but I’m guessing you’ll figure it out!

Keep fit and have fun.

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