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Innovative Education: Bringing Gamification into the Classroom

Take gamification, introduce it to a classroom full of eager students, and you’ve got a new innovative way to educate students.  Gami-what? If you have no idea what gamification is, it might help to start off by reading our previous post, the benefits of gamification in your experiential campaign. Over there, we cover what gamification is, and how it can enhance brand campaigns through its implementation.

In this post, we’ll introduce gamification in the classroom, and how it can enrich student learning, and improve student-teacher relationships. We’ll also go over how you can start applying the concept, and how you can effectively gamify using Social Scavenger. Interested? Well then keep reading.

A breakthrough way to educate through a whole new level

In a hectic classroom full of students with their own set of interests and own pace of learning, how will you effectively measure a student’s understanding of the school material- and how can you nurture it? Gamification; an organized effective way to connect deeper with your students, and unleash their desire for learning through challenges, encouragement, and awards.

Harness the appealing qualities of gaming while fuelling enthusiastic education

Gamification practices the elements of gaming to encourage particular behaviours of students, and to reach a desired objection (like a better grasp of course material.) Gamification still allows teachers to continue with their lesson plans, but activates the features of gamification to promote a student’s yearning to learn- all while keeping their interests stimulated. One of the greatest features that gamification promotes? Instant reward for a student’s accomplishments, and recognizing their progress. Another degree of acknowledgement to boost morale. Why not use an activity (such as playing) as a channel and platform for them to better learn course material?

Use of new age technology, and a new way of engagement, and your students will focus better through platform they’re more familiar with. Features and elements in your game, will enhance learning and ignite drive in each and every student. Rather than assigning students ‘homework’, teachers can set goals to achieve using technology. A given motive with an end goal will engrain new content better, and lets students apply the knowledge they know.

Why should I use gamification in my classroom?

Taking learning outside the classroom, without the moaning and groaning

Gamification assists in extending education outside of the classroom (the kind that doesn’t feel like groan-inducing homework.) This allows students to continue learning, even at home.

Give parents a better insight on their children’s education

With gamification features, not only will student get a better, more thorough understanding of the material, they will become more excited to demonstrate their understanding of the lesson. Parents bugging you about what their children are learning in school? This is a great solution to give parents an insight on the progress of their children. Moderators can give access to parents so they too get involved with the student’s academic growth.

More room for collaboration with other students

It’s a way for students to work with others through collaborative effort. Display an end goal for students to work towards and reward them of their efforts. The app creates teams and team names so students can work towards achieving their goals together.

Use it during school trips and outings to demonstrate knowledge

Create “games” to take along during school excursions to a museum or exhibition. Allow students to display their discoveries during educational outings, without toting around that loose piece of paper (one that will guaranteed get damaged or lost by the end of the day.) Gamification becomes an all-in-one activity solution, with easy-to-read end results for students and teachers.

Use of Interactivity and Engagement

Gamification provides a different and unique way to measure evaluation. When students learn off-hours, they’re still given immediate feedback- something that wasn’t possible through traditional teaching. For those who are more timid to speak up in class, are now given a chance to participate and demonstrate their knowledge.

How can I practice Gamification using Social Scavenger?

Create custom games to encourage learning and playing

We recommend you try building your own sample scavenger game to get a taste of what to expect. Our app lets you create as many challenges as you’d like, distribute awards up to 99 points, and set completed time restrictions. From 6 different challenge features to choose from, you can set up your game accordingly; Photo, Video, Text, Trivia, Stickers, and QR Codes. Game creators can build challenges geared towards their subject material, and customize them to each class’ likings. What are some example challenges teachers can assign their students?

  • The Trivia Feature in the app, digitizes multiple-choice tests so they become more interactive. Instructors can ask questions, and input multiple choice-based answers, where students can answer right in the app.
  • The Video Feature challenges students to record and shoot their own video based off of your instructions. Ask them to reenact a scene from Shakespeare, or recite lines from a speech.
  • The Stickers Feature lets students take photos using a digital sticker (one that you can either create, or find) to occupy alongside in the photo. You can use stickers of historical figures, or even input sticker texts in the photo.
  • Make it a scavenger hunt using the QR Code Feature. Moderators can print off special QR Codes and have players go around looking and scanning the codes using the in-app reader.

Customizable Features to Appeal to Students of all ages

Sudden lesson plan change, or needing a substitute teacher take over for the day? Not a problem. Moderators using the app have the ability to change and alter material simply through online, or on-the-go through mobile. You have the freedom to have a sustained method of teaching, that can be adjusted accordingly whenever, wherever. Make your challenges more difficult, or easier depending on the feedback of your students.

Every student learns at their own pace- which gamifying practices can certainly accommodate to. As moderator, you can alter lesson plans to fit the unique needs of each student. That means no one falls behind unnoticed, and understanding at a speed they’re comfortable with.

How excited will students get when you challenge them to partake in an ultimate adventurous quest? Perk their interest and get them more eager to give presentations, complete assignments, and better absorb course material.

Encourage friendly competition with a Class Leaderboard

An open Leaderboard in the app will let students see what other students are up to. It also gives teachers an indication of who’s acquiring the most points, and those that are having trouble. The Leaderboard can be accessed through the app, or through online by every player of the app. Students will motivate one another to succeed with badges and awards of their accomplishments, while striving to continue learning. We don’t mean publicly share grades, but inputting a system where student can contribute their successes- satisfies something to like a golden star wall or a show-and-tell board.

Project Successes at the end

Teachers can export all received content at the end of the “game” and share with the rest of the class. Captured Videos, Photos, and Trivia answers gives instructors another opportunity to review content to ensure the material sticks with each student. Crack out the school TV or projection screen and play videos through there. An educational, and homemade movie day that your students will love.

Taking a gamification route will not only promote enthusiasm, it can encourage class productivity. It won’t eliminate classroom learning, more like simply enhancing it. Through use of goal setting, recognition, rewarding and displaying achievements, gamification cultivates student engagement, and recognizes their learning process. We invite you to build your own demo adventure app:


and then let us know how you would like to start implementing gamification into your classroom!

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