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Taking A Stroll Down Memory Lane: User Generated Content of 2014

We couldn’t say goodbye to 2014 without featuring some of the best user generated content we’ve seen this eventful year. Here we put together a little preview of some of the cream of the crop content our Social Scavengers took whilst playing their scavenger game.

(And we just had to feature a little M.J while reminiscing the good times we had.)

We ended the year with a bang, and just had to share with you the amazing content we’ve received throughout this adventure-packed year. While we chose to display our videos and pictures in a film-format, there are a million and one other ways you can show off your own user generated content. Take a look at our previous post on how to take advantage of your user generated content, where we give you the lowdown on how you can circulate content created from your scavenger hunt game. Reach us at to get your own fresh amazing race started today, and also stay tuned for 2015 with Social Scavenger– where we anticipate newer, awesome, more thrilling things for our curious and daring players!

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