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Judging The Best User Generated Content

Eureka! I Have User Generated Content- Now What?

Now you have all this user generated content, awesome! Or maybe not exactly…  Remember that not all user generated content is created equal.  How will you filter through what content is usable for your marketing purposes? If you want to learn more on how to moderate your campaign, head over to our last blog post on how to moderate your campaign content on Social Scavenger- but for now let’s dive into using the judging incentive to create awesome content.

Using Judging to Generate Amazing Content

It’s awesome to set a point value for a challenge and walk away.  Dump a bucket of ice on your head – 10 points.  But wait a second, are all bucket dumps the same?  We know they aren’t.  For brands and campaigns that want to get involved, state that you can give  ‘up to 10 points‘ for an ice bucket challenge.  But leave it to the user to get creative with their mission; you can either tell people or leave it a mystery. Either way you’ll be creating a new level of competition to submit great user generated content.

How does the Point System work?

Award points to content based on what you deem worthy. Point value come in increments of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10. You can award people up to 10 points- reward those who put in the extra effort to provide great content! For White Label Apps, clients have the flexibility of having any point value- 85 your favorite number?

Points on the Go

It’s easy to change point value on the go.

Say Goodbye to Evaluating through Favouritism

Many brands and campaigns would steer towards an easy ‘photo with the most Likes’ or  ‘most votes’ route to deduce a winner. But we found that this resulted in content with the most friends getting the most votes vs. real quality content. While this may appeal for brands who purely want just exposure, it becomes biased and unfair for submissions that demonstrate great content and in the end, diminishes creativity. Brands that really care about quality, can internally judge it themselves, or invite guest celebrity judges. More incentive for participants and an even bigger buzz for your game? Heck yeah. Remember that you must invite your judges through email and then enable them as admins to have access to review content.

Challenge Off

Social Scavenger worked together with client Challenge Off, who tested users to compete with other users in their area, and included well-known guests to judge their content. Participants were eager to find that judges included some wicked cool people who have done some pretty amazing things, one including a cab ride around the world. If this peaked your interest, or if you’re conveniently already in Europe itching for some fun, we’ve taken the liberty to highlight Challenge Off’s customized White Label App in a previous blog post. The more the players impressed judges with their content, the higher value of points they received. Easy peasy. ChallengeOff-Logo-White-background-RGB2

So while you might get 1 point for taking a photo of fire, judges are bound to reward a premium score to the photo of a human boiling cauldron!


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