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Extreme Unconventional Scavenger Hunts

How does driving in a nice, sleek Bugatti sound? How about driving through an open scenic desert in that nice, sleek Bugatti- while competing against other racers? Thought scavenger hunts only exist by foot? Well think again.

Life in Sixth Gear is the newest rally challenge that revs through the motor realm. The Social Scavenger app provides fun challenge while letting drivers explore the hottest spots of California (literally and figuratively speaking.)

Once users arrive at their destination check point, they complete their challenge either by scanning a personalized QR code, shooting a badass video, or capturing a jaw-dropping shot. The app provides a platform for drivers to engage in a fun experience, while flaunting their flashiest cars.

Why incorporate mobile challenges to my campaign?

  • Checkpoints dispersed throughout a designated course motivates users to document their success while checking in- which they can of course share through social media.
  • Why become lost in a sea of branded flags? Stand out from the crowd, and engrain your brand through a more personal approach.
  • While it’s nice to drive through a stagnant course, let drives/users share their experience through mobile with their friends and family.
  • Offer bonus points to those to go above and beyond completing a challenge.
  • Adding a mobile element to your event, ensures that every aspect of your campaign appeals to every target (it also shows that you’re in with the times!)
  • Everyone is on their phone anyways. What better channel is there?
  • Having a mobile challenge can really beef up a multi-layered campaign, it makes your event look more legitimate and attract more attention.

Life in Sixth Gear mobile campaign

The Social Scavenger app lets users gain points based from time, distance, speed, and strategic navigation. Drivers can find live rallies in their area while completing their own challenge- bonus points for completing tasks off the beaten path.

Competitive heads can check who is in the lead through the leader board in the app. After driving through every check point with the app, drivers celebrate their arrival with an exclusive VIP and Award Ceremony Party.

This unforgettable mobile experience, that is proof that the sky, and the open highway, is the limit.

By socialscavenger