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Let It Go: A City Scavenger Hunt – Featuring Frozen!

Eat Your Heart Out Idina Menzel…

Over 400 Cars were scouring the city on a Saturday afternoon for this socially-distanced Scavenger Hunt – built to connect a community and create togetherness in the uncertain times of COVID-19.  

We had over 250 hilarious and heartwarming renditions of “Let it Go” in this one epic challenge. Here is a highlight reel of some of our best submissions.  Though if you want to watch the 2 minute version click here

Ready for a Social Scavenger City Scavenger Hunt!? 

Our socially-distanced scavenger hunts are citywide games that connect communities, work teams, families and friends in an epically fun competition. The Scavenger Hunt experience is sure to boost morale during these uncertain times; bonding your group together in a safe yet engaging way. 

Game Play 

During the hunt, teams will work to complete a series of exciting, puzzling and creative tasks including hilarious photo and video challenges like the one shown above!  Bonus points to the teams who are the most creative in their submissions! 

Do you have a group (big or small) that would love this experience? 

3 Reasons to Book a City Scavenger Hunt With Us!

  • A COVID-Friendly event- Teams can be made up of your “bubble” so that everyone stays safe and healthy while having an amazing time! 
  • Customizable Challenges- Have some super original challenges you want to be incorporated into your game? We can make that happen! 
  • Bringing People Together – There’s nothing like a shared unique experience to bring everyone together! Communities or Work teams – private parties or sponsored events… We promise to give your group an event that’s “one for the books”. 

If you are interested in bringing a legendary event to your audience (company, community or to create an amazing unique event) you know how to find us! 

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