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Virtual Games in 6 Simple Steps!

Interested in booking a game but want a better picture of how we do things?

Look no further! 

  1. Choose your game: We have developed 5 totally unique virtual games for your group to select from. Our expert game producers are happy to help you choose the best game for your event type, group size, goals and more! Check out Virtual Games by Social Scavenger to learn more about our virtual offerings. 
  2. Pre-Game Prep and Customization: Once you’ve decided on a game, we just need a few more details from you to make it happen! A game producer will talk to you about potential customizations you desire included in the game while also organizing the timing, invitations and schedule for your event. We then build your game based on your unique specifications and have it ready for you to play on game day! Customizations can include featuring YOUR people in the game, trivia questions unique to the people in your group or organization and more! 
  3. Professional Hosting and Facilitation on Game Day: On the day of your event, our team of facilitators and game producers will join your virtual game call (usually via Zoom, but other options are available such as Webex, Hangouts or Teams) to run the event, making sure to entertain you and support you the whole way through. 
  4. Game Play: Your teams play the game together on our easy-to-use Social Scavenger gaming platform. Players will be separated into teams where they will work through a series of challenges together. All games are timed so teams must race against the clock to complete the list of challenges! The teams who complete the game the most accurately and quickly will end up on top. 
  5. Game Extras: During the game, our facilitators will support all of the teams and throw in some fun surprises (bonus’, voting, videos and more).   
  6. Game Wrap-Up: At the end of your game, things are far from over!  The closing of your event will include a highlight reel of the best content submitted during the game for everyone to enjoy. We will also reveal the leaderboard and have an awards ceremony for the game’s ultimate champions! 

Need more reasons to book with us? Our clients rave about: 

  • The smooth game execution 
  • Our professionalism 
  • The creativity of our games
  • How much fun they have! 

Now that you understand the process, let’s book an epic event together! 

Get in touch! 

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