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Live Streaming your Scavenger Hunt = More Fun

One of the best parts about mobile based Scavenger Hunts is you get to see the action happening in real-time.  You can see your friends earning points and catching you on the leaderboard, but more fun is seeing what they are actually doing!  That’s how you get into the ‘one upmanship’ of a good old fashioned Scavenger Hunt.

So why is streaming live better now?  Well the app always streams your game live, but now your microsite has it’s own live stream…that is fully responsive with leaderboard right beside it!  So if you want to browse  during or after the game you can do so on any device!

Don’t forget if you want to browse a specific challenge or team you can simply click on the challenge or team in the live stream and it will sort the stream for you!   Same if you want to check out a specific player.

For game builders, you can always choose to ‘hide’ certain challenges from the stream (like say Trivia challenges) or hide the map, but all that customizing is up to you.  It’s just sitting there waiting for you to build.

Good luck and have fun!

Live Stream with Leaderboard


By socialscavenger