Scavenger Hunt

The Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Looking for something fun and unique to do this summer?  So is everybody!  The great thing about building your own Scavenger Hunt is you can customize it to whatever you are doing and wherever you will be!  Going to the cottage for a weekend?  Having a mini adventure in your own city?  Celebrating a birthday party?  Maybe looking for a unique bachelor or bachelorette event?  Time to spice it up!

“What are the most fun Challenges?”

People build 1000’s of Scavenger Hunts in our platforms each year and the single most common question we are asked is ‘what is the best challenge”?  That’s like saying ‘what’s the best show on tv’?  Actually no, it’s not like that at all – Game of Thrones is the answer to that.

The reality is there is no ‘best challenge’ type.  BUT, that’s a copout, if you are looking to build your Scavenger Hunt you want some answers darnit all.  Here are some very common but fun ones we see yielding fun / happy results!

10 Fun Scavenger Hunt Challenges:

1.  Leapfrog across the  ____ (park, street, etc)

2.  Human Pyramids

3.  Video Serenade – get the team singing song x to a stranger / group

4.  High fiving a stranger while ____ (piggybacking, doing a ‘top gun’ high-five)

5.  Any Augmented Reality challenge – these are stickers you can add right onto photos

6.  Mannequins (posing with them, replacing them in the store window with you etc)

7.  Racing – any number of races, one legged, backwards, usually involving a stranger

8.  Dancing – getting a dance off going, a mini flash mob etc.

9.  Shocking – we do see quite a few ‘pretend you are dead’, ‘scare somebody’ etc but be careful!

10.  Sweetness – challenge teams to do a random act of kindness for a stranger and get it on video… actually can be a great and rewarding challenge.  Especially as you try to one-up the other teams!


The Top Gun High-Five (shirt optional but recommended)


Typically the most fun challenges people get up to are the ones that take them out of their comfort zones.  The beautiful thing about a Scavenger Hunt is that it let’s you interact with strangers when normally you wouldn’t.  “Excuse me, I’m doing a Scavenger Hunt and….” is the easiest excuse to speak with a stranger almost ever, other than “I’m lost”, except your intro line is much more engaging for them.

Feel free to send in ideas that you’ve really enjoyed and have a great time out there!

Be bold.  Have fun.


By socialscavenger