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New Scavenger Hunt Features for Fall 2015

We’re excited to have just released another updated version of our mobile Scavenger Hunt platform with a few great new features for fall 2015.   Get the most out of your hunting, scavenging, team building, campaigns and mobile adventures!

New features and functionality for Social Scavenger include: 

  • Easier navigation through challenges
  • Step by step GPS directions
  • Easier to export large files

You can access a visual walkthrough of how these work  by downloading this PDF.

Tab View for Challenges

Instead of one list for all your challenges, once you complete a challenge it will move over into the ‘completed’ section.  This means your list of challenges will get smaller and easier to manage as you complete your Scavenger Hunt.

Step by Step GPS Directions

iOS9 gets the credit for this one.  In the olden days you had to open up the maps application to get detailed step by step directions, check ETAs and watch out for traffic.  Now you can simply hop in and out of the map right from the app.  Check out the screenshots or just try it out!

Exporting Media Files for Everyone

When you run a mobile Scavenger Hunt with videos and photos the amount of media your game creates can be quite large.  Social Scavenger has always given you access to large file sizes so you can manipulate and use the content after the fact, be it for internal communications for corporate team building games or more posterized materials for campaigns.  Well now instead of downloading files and trying to share massive folders you can simply grant access to your players to download content directly.  Check out the pdf for more details!


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