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Creating a Scavenger Hunt in 5 minutes

How quickly can you create a Mobile Scavenger Hunt?

I guess it depends on how fast you can type and if you already have some challenges in mind…but for people looking to get a quick and dirty version up and tested – here is a video walking you through how to build a Scavenger Hunt – quickly.

Of course if you are a team builder or trainer or somebody else who runs lots of games – it gets even faster!  How so?

Creating a Templated Scavenger Hunt Adventure

In this scenario you are going to create the perfect game.  And in the future you are going to re-use that game for new clients or situations.  But who wants to recreate the game from scratch?  So far zero people we’ve spoken to.  Luckily you can hit a button called ‘clone’, which will create a brand spanking new version of that game.  You’ll have to update passwords and probably change the description.  But this means you can crank out a new version with hella speed.  Just keep in mind when you create your original game to make it a ‘template’ in the settings field.  Don’t play that game (it’s your template) – just start cloning it.

To build your game as you watch the video head over to

Video Tips:  How to Create a Scavenger Hunt in 5 Minutes

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