Team Building

Make Your Next Outing More Nature-Fun with Park Team Building Games

Are you searching for unique group activities for your next park outing? Look no further! Our park team building games offer a blend of strategic challenges and lighthearted fun that will make your day in the park unforgettable.

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Plan Your Park Team Adventure Today

Join us for a team building experience like no other. Transform every bush, bench, and pathway into a playground for creativity and competition. Whether you're in Central Park, Piedmont Park, or your local neighborhood park, our games are designed to fit your team’s needs perfectly.

Our Park Team Games You Can’t Miss


Ultimate Scavenger Hunt - Park Edition
A modern classic! Tackle 50 challenges within a set time. Chaos, laughter, and fun guaranteed as teams compete to top the leaderboard.

Amazing City Race - Park Edition
Turn the park into an epic race with live stations and customized challenges. A memorable event that will be talked about for years.

Who Kidnapped The Boss?!
Solve the mystery of your boss's kidnapping through puzzles, riddles, and multimedia challenges. Race against time and see if your team can save the day!

Great Scott
Travel through the decades to fix pop culture moments ruined by Biff. A nostalgic journey from the 80s to the 2030s that’s sure to be a blast.

How It Works

Step 1 - Meet Your Game Producer
Once you choose your game, a dedicated game producer will be assigned to your event. They will ensure everything is set for a seamless game day.
Step 2 - Game Briefing
Your game producer will provide everything you need for an epic adventure based on your selections.
Step 3 - Playing & Completing Challenges
On the day of the event, each team will use our exclusive app as their command center, displaying challenges, leaderboards, and live streams for real-time engagement.
Step 4 - Celebrating
At the end of the game, the highest-scoring team claims victory! Enjoy a celebratory slideshow and, for premier games, a custom video wrap-up that captures the essence of your adventure.


Why Choose Park-Based Team Building Events?

Parks are perfect for team activities, offering ample space, fresh air, and a beautiful backdrop. Whether it's for convenience, tradition, or a love for nature, parks cater to all needs.

5 Advantages of Park-Based Team Events

  • Versatile for Any Group Size: Perfect for large gatherings.
  • Conveniently Located: Easy to access and great for walking.
  • Open and Healthy Spaces: Boost health and team spirit with ample green spaces.
  • Accessibility for All: Tailor activities to suit everyone's abilities.
  • Easy Setup: Our games require only one person per team to use our app.

Ready to Turn the Park into your Gamezone

Don't miss out on the ultimate park team building experience. Email us or call 1.855.619.PLAY (7529) to book your adventure today.

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