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Fun Team Building Activities in LA (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles is more than just Hollywood glam and sunny beaches—it’s the perfect place for engaging team building activities. If you’re looking to bring your team closer, create lasting memories, and have a blast, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into some of the most fun and engaging team building events in LA.

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Why Choose LA for Team Building?

With its diverse neighborhoods and iconic landmarks, LA provides endless opportunities for unique team building adventures. From solving mysteries to racing against time, there’s something for every team to enjoy.

Our Los Angeles Team Building Adventures

Who Kidnapped YOUR Boss?
Your boss has been kidnapped, and you have two hours to save them! Work in squads, solve riddles, complete multimedia challenges, and unlock clues. Can you rescue your boss before time runs out?

Ultimate City Hunt: L.A.
With 50 challenges to choose from, this city-wide hunt is a race against the clock. Teams pick their paths, completing creative photo, video, and sticker challenges along the way. It’s competitive chaos at its best!

Great Scott Goes to L.A.
Travel through time and save pop culture! Solve puzzles and crack codes across different decades, from the 80s to the future. This escape-style game is a nostalgic adventure like no other.

Where to Play in LA

Our games take place in some of the most vibrant areas of LA, including:
  • Santa Monica
  • Downtown/Financial District
  • Beverly Hills
  • Chinatown
  • Southpark
  • Long Beach
  • Venice Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Irvine Spectrum Center
  • Burbank

Need a custom location?
We can create a unique game zone just for your team, anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.

Steps to Get Started

Choose Your Adventure:
Pick the game and game zone that suits your team best. Need help deciding? Our game producers are here to assist.

Select Your Game Tier:
We offer three game tiers to fit different budgets and needs. The Premier tier includes live judges, creativity bonus points, and a custom post-event video.

Play Time!
Our games are competitive, cooperative, and guaranteed to bring joy. Each game lasts about two hours and is powered by our easy-to-use app.

Level Up the Fun

Upgrade to our Premier tier or higher for a fully managed experience, real-time game management, bonus points, and captivating wrap-up presentations. We offer various upgrades to customize your event further.

Our Technology

Our custom-built app makes participating easy. Only one team member needs to download it, and it includes features like real-time leaderboards, live streams, highlight reels, and more.

Ready to Plan Your Team's Next Event in LA?

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