How to Scavenger Hunt Social Scavenger

Simon Says: Make your next Scavenger Hunt even more fun with these quick tips!

Once you have built a game you know that it’s pretty easy.  Thanks game builder.  But how else can you leverage the internet in your challenges?  Integration.  Videos, Photos, Websites oh my.

We’ll take a look at some of the easy ways you can get even more out of your next hunt, from events, conferences, team building and educational games, large campaigns or even just a kick butt birthday parties. Most of these can be found in a variety of blog posts but you’ve asked (well somebody did, maybe not literally you) to have them in one easy to access place.  So here you go.

Download this Scavenger Hunt editing guide right now.

What’s in this Guide?

Want to know what’s inside before downloading it?  Fair enough.  In this guide we cover:

#1 – Picture Puzzles

This actually tells you how to include any image inside of your challenge.  But why would you put images in your Scavenger Hunt challenges?  Any number of reasons, but the most popular reason is to include picture puzzles, custom maps, clues, other images etc.

#2 – YouTube Video Clues

This tells you how to include any video inside a challenge.  Again, why would we do this?  You could have a ‘guest’ reading a challenge (think Amazing Race).  Or it could be you!  Or your CEO.  Or your favourite local barista.  Another reason to include videos is to give people ideas and even instructions (i.e. see if you can pull off this owl-plank-pigeon maneuver).

#3 – Scouring the internet for hidden clues

This shows you how to link to pages around the web.  Could be to help answer a trivia question, gather company info or just hunt down hidden clues on the web.

 #4 – Multiple Choice Trivia Questions

What seems like a quick formatting tip is imperative if you want to include some multiple choice questions.

Download the guide, get building and have fun!

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